Yellow Fever: Ryan Blair’s Rio Yellow RHD S2000

Ryan has been in love with the Honda S2000 for as long as he can remember…. He originally owned an Acura Integra GSR (we all have roots), which he quickly posted it up for sale only to achieve his only goal of owning the beloved S2000. His first S2000 was an AP1 Silverstone. Sadly that didn’t last very long as it was totaled. Long story short, Ryan has owned four Honda S2000’s… Yes, you read that right… Four S2K’s! His Rio Yellow 2005 Rio Yellow AP2 S2000 being his fourth.
Ryan went all out this time around, fully converting the Rio to right hand drive. It has even been California Highway Patrol certified! Which as anyone on the west coast knows, is no small feat. Ryan has owned the Rio since it was bone stock. His attention to detail is what truly separates this S2000 from the rest. From his Buddy Club P1 Limited Edition red seats, to his Nardi 300mm wood grain steering wheel, the interior of Ryan’s S2000 is perfect. Even a green Cusco 6 point roll cage adds a great final touch.
 As for his suspension, Ryan’s AP2 is sitting on Buddy Club N+ coilovers with SPC adjustable camber ball joints. This allows the car to sit perfectly with just the right amount of camber; giving the car an aggressive stance that makes even the everyday person do a double take.
Ryan wasn’t going for just form > function. He wanted to add a special something under the hood… Thus Ryan added a Vortech V-2 Supercharger, again separating him from the rest. Needless to say, it’s not slow.
Now, for the wheels. The Rio is resting on beautiful CCW LM5T’s with custom gold plated 24k hardware. The CCW’s are wrapped in Falken 912 tires which really sit perfectly. The front wheels are a 17×10.5 +20 with a 4 inch lip and the rear wheels sitting also at 17×10.5 +10 with a 4.5 inch lip. For those in the Euro scene the specs are hard to fathom.
 As you can see, Ryan has one of the biggest neck breakers here in Southern California. If the Rio Yellow paint doesn’t catch your eye, I’m sure the fact that he drives on the opposite side of the car will. It was truly a pleasure shooting with Ryan and I look forward to shooting with him once his S2K is “finished”. All I can say is  stay tuned, Ryan isn’t done yet. I can’t spoil any of his plans (sworn to secrecy) but you can follow him and his build on instagram @ap2ryan.
Words & Photos by: Steven Cosentino (@yesimsupermann)


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