Wuste 2014

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Many of us on the East coast are used to events like H2Oi and SoWo, but few venture west of the Mississippi and when it happens, it isn’t a far crawl. I can remember my long time friend and fellow VW enthusiast, Tim Bowen, talking about how we should make the trip for a few shows. After more than 10 years of talking about it, I finally picked one and booked my flight and hotel.

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Wuste it was.

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It was almost a no brainer, being that it was all euro and having only been to Las Vegas one other time (and not for anything automotive related) definitely didn’t do much to sway my decision.

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After a layover and an awesome dinner in the Denver Airport (no dispensaries though, so that’s not why the dinner was awesome…), I arrived late Thursday evening, missing the out of towner meet at In&Out Burger. I was met by my good friend Katie Horn, who had made the trek down from Oregon in her bagged mk3 GLX. <3 <3 IMG_2276 copy

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Though I was drained from a days work and a flight to follow, when we arrived at the Palace Station, the host hotel for the event, I still found enough energy to walk a few floors of the parking garage to see the cars that were in town already.

Because the event didnt officially begin until Friday evening, the day was wide open for hanging at the garage and a few one on one shoots.

Making it back just before the opening ceremony, Wuste 2014 had officially begun.

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Being that this was my first Wuste, I didn’t know as many people, which didn’t bother me initially, because I would focus on covering the show. What I always forget is that I’m a talker and always find great conversation at events. Thankfully, Katie and her friend Travis were helping carry flash stands and did well at keeping me moving as we wandered around the top floor of the parking structure. Fellow mk3 enthusiast, Jake Warren, provided support by drunkenly stumbling behind us, haha! Huge thanks guys!!

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In its 8th year, Wuste was no stranger to the west coast crowd, bringing drivers all the way from Mexico and up to Canada. One of the great things I can say about Wuste, versus many of the other events I’ve attended, is that because of it being a more contained event, you don’t see as much childishness and recklessness. Call me old, but to me, that’s a great thing. Having just attended SoWo 2 weeks prior, I think if I’d have heard “do a burnout” while in Vegas, I might have lost it.

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While no event ever happens without an incident or two, Brandon (coordinator for Wuste) handled the few that did occur quite well. However, I do just want to say #hashtagfucks and some people shouldn’t drink in public.

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A nice variety of vendors filled a lot just outside of the garage, including Volkswagen of America and title sponsor APR, represented by Eurocode tuning.

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If nothing else, getting the opportunity to make new friends and put names with faces was well worth the the trip.

Words and Photos by Josh Gilmore