Welcome to Condukt.Co


What is Condukt.co?

Well for starters we’re not just another automotive blog. We plan to bring you much more than that, a few plans include anything from a brewery review to our take on a clothing line. This is a lifestyle blog rather than just an automotive blog. Sure, the automotive/car scene will be a big part of what we focus on but why limit ourselves? If you’re going to dream, dream BIG! We are based on the concept of ‘creating your own’, rather than joining the masses. We take pride in our sense of loyalty and class, It isn’t about cars with us, or trying to be better than anyone else. Simply put, it’s all about the friendships and bonds we continue to create through the car scene. Cars have brought us all together and continue to be a big part of everyday life. Think about all the great times you’ve had at Southern Worthersee, H2Oi, and even the smaller local shows. Most likely you aren’t thinking about walking around the show with your hands in your pockets, but rather the time you’ve spent with your friends that you don’t see nearly as often as you like. Sharing stories, grabbing an adult beverage, meeting new people, creating memories. That’s what we’re about!

It’s been about a year since Condukt.co was “created”…. While this isn’t our everyday gig it’s something we can all be a part of and take pride in. We want to thank everyone for the amazing support we have had so far and we plan on continuing this into a huge 2014.

We’re just a bunch of normal guys who were brought together by the awesome automotive community. We all share the passion for cars but more importantly we’re all friends. So here is who we are in a little more detail.


Nathan “Nino” Hale – Editor / Photographer / Founder
Cincinnati, OH
Garage: 2006 Bagged Volkswagen GTI and 1998 BMW 328i
Dream Car: Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 or Audi R8 Limited Edition (30 made/China Only) Nordic Gold Color

An old man (30) but a kid at heart. Nathan spends his time with his better half (Panda), his two dogs, and either at the gym or playing FIFA. Cincinnati born and raised, Nathan considers himself old school. He takes pride in everything he does (competitive nature) and to him Condukt.co is an idea more than blog…. Good people are hard to find in this crazy world we live in… To him Condukt.co is about finding those people and doing what we can to have them as a part of our everyday lives.


Eduardo (Eddie) Kranjcec – Editor / Lead Designer
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Garage: 2013 Bagged Audi A3
Dream Car: Porsche 911 (964 body style)

California born but deported to Florida, Eddie can be found on the basketball court or sitting in his cubicle as a graphic designer. Eddie is a character to say the least, and anyone that knows him will say the same. An avid Lakers fan (again Cali) he still has delusions that Kobe can ball. Eddie is loyal to a fault and for this alone we are proud to have him aboard.


Dave Dorsey aka ‘Dorsey’ – Editor / Writer / Founder
Dayton, OH
Garage: 2001 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg
Dream Car: Mclaren P1

Dave is the second youngest in the group. He’s been turning a wrench since he could walk, has a degree in automotive technology and has even worked on a top fuel race team. Basically he has gasoline running thru his veins, in the rarity that he isn’t turning a wrench you can probably find him with a beer in his hand enjoying the little things.


Patrick McCue – Photographer / Media Director
Cincinnati, OH
Garage: 2003 bagged Volkswagen 20th GTI
Dream Car: Porsche 930 Turbo or Porsche 356 SC

Patrick is the true photographer of the group (no really, he’s professional). Mr. McCue is an old soul but in the best way, one of the most genuine people we have come across. When he’s not working with a camera he spends his time biking, running, and studying up on his WWII history. If you’ve seen his work you know firsthand it’s top notch.


Bryan Gedeon – Media Director / The Wrench
Cincinnati, OH
Garage: 1961 Cadillac Deville, 2008 BMW 135i (stg3), 2003 BMW 325i (hers), and the project 1987 350is sbf V8 swap
Dream Car: Volkswagen MK3 GTI/Jetta (if he could just find one without rust) or a Koenigsegg Agera R

Another Cincinnati staple, Bryan is a jack of all trades. Rather than having someone else do something for him he figures it out (even if from scratch). He is ready and willing to help anyone at the drop of a hat and he also has that mantra of being a truly down to earth, genuine person. He also has more nicknames than most know what to do with, right Jack?


Mark O’Donoghue – Photographer / Website Designer
London, UK
Garage: 2007 static Volkswagen Jetta Sport
Dream Car: Porsche 964 Carrera RS or Porsche 930 Singer

Mark’s plays a very unique role in Condukt.co being that he lives in London. We met Mark one random afternoon when he shot a PM to Nate giving him props on his MKV. From there the friendship built and we had the pleasure of truly getting to know Mark at H2Oi in 2012. While we continually try to get him to move to the states we are just happy to have him in our lives. Mark is the epitome of what we are about… He’s genuine, loyal, and most importantly a great friend.


Chad Kreiling – Photographer / Content Creator
Cumberland, MD
Garage: 2007 Volkswagen GTI
Dream Car: MKIV Toyota Supra (Turbo) or Volkswagen MK2 GTI (3.2 VRT)

Chad or “Chaddwickk” is one of the most selfless people you will come across. The man behind the “shrink all the cars” fundraiser for our friend Cory Burgess. Chad doesn’t hesitate to take time out of his day to lend a hand or lend a ear for advice. While the youngest in the group, he is one of the most humble and mature guys you will come across. Again someone we are very proud to have as part of Condukt.co.


Erin ‘Panda’ Hoover – C.P.I.C. (Chief Panda in Charge)
Cincinnati, OH
Garage: 2007 Volkswagen Fahrenheit GTI
Dream Car: When she wakes up in a new Bugatti or Mercedes SLS AMG (Black Edition)

Erin aka “Panda” doesn’t have one word to describe her… she’s one of a kind. Erin is a kid at heart and is the type of woman who stays true to what she believes in. Outside of running around in the Fahrenheit she can be found chilling with her 3 pittbulls around the house. Oh yeah… almost forgot, she also puts up with Nino 24/7.