Water by the Bridge 2014

Most people can relate to that feeling when we can finally take a cruise with the windows down and music up. When the long winter (especially this past one) breaks and spring is around the corner. Water By the Bridge gives us that same feeling. It means show season has finally begun. All the long hours spent in the cold garage have paid off. Put away the heaters and open the garage doors. The new builds we have been following may be seen for the first time. And old builds get dusted off for another year of enjoyment. BBQs, friends, long nights in the driveway, cold beers, and that awful scent of gear oil ensues.

Nikki 20

WBTB is a show I have personally looked forward to for several years now. Being only a couple hours away from home, it makes for a nice little road trip. Louisville is a great city and the waterfront creates a beautiful and unique backdrop. It has been a pleasure watching the numbers grow each year and it’s always nice putting cars and screen names with new faces. Old friends and new, there were plenty of car mates I hadn’t seen since last year. At least we had the trolling on social media to get us through the snowy nights, right?

Nikki 17

Being the first show of the season for most of us, there are plenty of projects still under construction. This was the predicament I found myself in as well. Luckily for me, my good friend Dave Dorsey helped me put in a 14 hour day Friday to get the car back on the road and somewhat respectable. It gave me a chance to test the car out without being too far from home. And by the grace of God, I was able to make it back home despite losing my clutch pedal halfway home.

Pat 1
Elliott 7
Nate 10

Like any show, what makes it are the people and cars. The midwest and beyond brings all types of people and vehicles to these show grounds. From air-cooled to hybrids, and everything in between; what started out as a strictly VAG show has grown into a diverse group of stellar machines. Like rust on a mk3 hatch, word is spreading; and it’s spreading fast.

Nikki 19

Dave 2Waiting in the long line gives you time to clean and mingle

Dave 3Dave 17Dave 18Dave 22Dave 6Dave 7Dave 8Dave 9Dave 10Dave 13Dave 12Dave 11Dave 14Dave 16This particular Squareback caught Dave’s attention

Dave 15Dave 5

Now that you have your parking spot and your car’s clean, it’s time to go socialize, walk around, indulge in some beverages, and take in the scenery.

Nikki 21Nikki 22Elliott 11Nate 8Nikki 16Nikki 14Nikki 15Nikki 13Nikki 12Nikki 11Nikki 2Nate 9Nate 4Elliott 4Nate 2Nate 1Elliott 19Elliott 18Elliott 17Elliott 16Elliott 15Oh you know just a couple stock bimmers from our friends at ///MWorks Garage (@MWorksGarage)

Elliott 14Dave 4Elliott 13Elliott 5Elliott 12Elliott 2Elliott 3Elliott 6Elliott 10Elliott 8

Nate managed to bring home a 1st place trophy for his respective class!

Nikki 5Nikki 4Nikki 6Nikki 7Nikki 8Nikki 10Nikki 9Nikki 18Nikki 27Nikki 26Nikki 25

Pup Dawgs are always welcome!

Some even go too hard the day after prepping all night which makes for some quality entertainment!

Nikki 24Then there’s Dave…Nate 7

Once awards are presented and the show is over everyone heads down to the waterfront for one last intimate shot with the Ohio River! It really makes for an epic backdrop.

We’ve already featured Colin’s car, but here are a couple more to wet your whistle

Nate 6 Nate 5 Nikki 30 Nikki 36 Nikki 31 Nikki 34 Nikki 35 Nikki 33 Nikki 32 Nikki 39 Nikki 38 Nikki 40

Our friends over at Lowcally Famous playing Tetris down on the waterfront

Nikki 42

WBTB ’14 has come and gone, yet again has started the show season off with great expectations for the rest of the year. From us here at Condukt.co, see ya at SoWo!





Words by Bryan Gedeon (@bryang513)

Photos by
Elliott Heigel (@elliott_heigel),
Nathan Hale (@ninohale),
Nikki Sturm (@gli_shorty),
Dave Dorsey (@dorseydave), &
Pat McCue (@patrickmccuephoto)

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