Ultimate Dubs : Part 2

After the busy but awesome day before, it was time to get up early and hit the show once again. I managed to get around 6 hours worth of sleep which helped power my batteries up, fueled for the long day ahead. iPhone charged, camera charged, jump in the shower, coffee, pack everything away – I was ready to go!


We checked out of the hotel, sorry, castle, then while I was walking through the manor grounds, I spotted this cool little Beetle just sitting by itself. The lighting was perfect, no other cars or objects were around – it just screamed to be shot, right now, this second. I think it was static, sometimes it’s hard to tell with classic Beetles but whatever, it looked amazing against the complimentary backdrop.


After taking some shots, we got ourselves out of there and on route to the show. Myself and Luke were very impressed by the atmosphere this hotel created, especially early in the morning with the sun shining and misty landscapes. I’m a creative after all, I appreciate these things in life!


Eventually, we made it through terrible traffic and we were there. It was 9am and already it was booming – people, stands and cars everywhere. Thousands of people flock to this event every year, from all parts of world. Weather was perfect the whole day which was a godsend, as you never know what the weather will do in this country.


Ok, so lets get on with this coverage shall we?


This gorgeous A5 came all the way from Spain, showing huge dedication for the event. It’s a long distance to cover but doing it in something awesome, makes it that much more bearable.

DSC_6249 DSC_6150

Design4 Automotive‘s 2014 E-Class AMG, wrapped in Yellow, sitting on Rotiform‘s new OZT wheel. Pretty cool I must say, considering I’m not a huge fan of brightly coloured cars – although saying that, it depends on what the car is.

DSC_6266 DSC_6151 DSC_6245

This lovely little BMW E21 owned by Becky Evans, was kept under wraps until its unveiling this weekend. So subtle and clean, executed perfectly. One of the head-turners of the show for me – it looked great.

DSC_6281 DSC_6144

A bright Orange E30 M3 will stand out in any crowd, right? Well of course it would, it’s a classic icon and a very important car in its own right, but this thing will certainly cause a riot in the purist’s world. It’s on air ride, which could indeed be seen as a big middle finger up to the M-badge history and racing pedigree.

And you know what? I kinda like it! Personally, it needs an Officially Made sticker (shameless plug there, sorry, not sorry), but I’m all ‘thumbs up’ for being unique. Not enough people are willing to think outside of the box these days and push the boundaries of what can be created.

DSC_6229 DSC_6259

Steve Fraser, who goes by the name of Fish. Awesome BMX rider and all round great guy, tinkering with his crazy MK6 GTI as always. Funny little fish.


OZ Futura wheels always look amazing to me. I’ve seen a vast range of different finishes over the years and they never fail to make particular projects look good. Simple 5 spoke split design, which suit a lot of cars – it just works so well.


This R8 looks insane. I’ve said before about bright colours not being ‘my thing’ but this, yes… I like this a lot.

DSC_6301 DSC_6333

Nice A3 featuring specialised coilovers from StillStatic… #GOTTHEDROP


This MK1 Golf blows me away every time I see it. Rocking modern running gear – a R32 engine boasting impressive power, teamed up with classic old skool looks. I love the whole mix between new and old, but making it work together like a match made in heaven.

DSC_6304 DSC_6389

Oh hey girl hey! Harry Boness, co-owner (with his brother Rob, who owns the featured RS4) of the beautiful newly sprayed Candy Red Lupo GTI. Again, another awesome and extremely down-to-earth guy.


Steve’s MK6 GTI looking great on the Kleen Freaks stand.


Another colour which I do really like and thought looked very eye-catching. This Seat Leon Cupra K1’s colour is actually BMW Atlantis Blue.


I’ll revert to my previous statement – the weather was absolutely amazing.

DSC_6319 DSC_6412-C

I’m a big fan of CCW wheels. They always produce some wonderful looking designs, along with extremely high quality manufacturing processes. Like any custom made to order wheel, they’re expensive but totally worth it – just look at them.


As we draw a close to this amazing weekend, I always seem to find myself thinking about the priceless friendships made and characters who make these shows what they are. It’s an automotive community, expressing passions and individual interests.

What is our community based on, or around? For me, it’s the people, the adventures, the new friendships made, the planning and excitement, the laughter and enjoyment, the sense of being a part of a team and sharing all of those factors. We all have something in common, regardless of age, sex, race, background, popularity and money – it’s what we like and love. Would we have it any other way? Not at all…


I’m super grateful to have an awesome bunch of friends, here in the UK and US, who I can share all of this with. It’s important and in my honest opinion, we should try to remember that more often, instead of getting caught up in our own world. Go back to where you started out for a second, we’ve all been there. Be humble and try to remember your roots.

Ultimate Dubs is – and hopefully always will be – a great weekend away from the normal every day life. A weekend where we can let our hair down and focus on those said passions, with beer in hand and a wax applicator pad in the other. Until next time UD, thanks for having us.

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