Ultimate Dubs : Part 1

And here we go, the start to a whole new and long awaited show season. It was a super early start to our Saturday morning but as we were all excited, tiredness quickly wore off. The time was 6:00am and everyone was ready to get going on our yearly Ultimate Dubs adventure.

DSC_5936 DSC_5950

Traffic wasn’t too bad at all, so we made pretty good progress on our trip to Telford, not hitting any real busy spots along the way. Weather was very dull and overcast, which wasn’t exactly ideal conditions for awesome rolling shots but I managed to get a few – it is England after all.

DSC_5965 DSC_5981

We pulled into the services for a pit stop, coffee, refreshments and to wait for one of our friends to catch us up. He had a few problems with his TT, but all was fine – can’t just leave a man behind! We regrouped and set sail again.

DSC_6028 DSC_5990 DSC_6059

So after the five hour journey, we were finally there and ready to prep the cars so they could go inside. Around five of the cars in our group were destined for an inside spot, which is awesome.

DSC_6072 DSC_6070 DSC_6107

The cars this year are yet again raising the bar, in terms of quality, style and execution. We’re talking brand new cars bagged on expensive split wheels, every inch of interiors being given a complete re-trim and the smallest of details not overlooked – the list goes on. Of course, that’s the top end of the expensive scale but everything else seems to be very impressive.

The older and classic car is ever growing in popularity, with many people changing their ways of automotive direction – selling their modern to buy a classic. Money no object, my weapon of choice would be the 964, as many of you may already know that. It’s the character and nature of an older car that draws us in and charms us all.

DSC_6083 DSC_6077

One thing I’ve noticed over the years, is that people are starting to incorporate big power with looks, where before it was all about the interior/exterior. In America, power is quite an important factor when modifying their projects and I feel that this trend is influencing us here in the UK. That’s just my opinion on what trends I see through my eyes. What about you? Have a think about what you see is happening, from your perspective.

Whilst on the quick topic of trends and social movements, ask yourself this… What can I do that will make a positive effect within the car community, for good, for the right reasons and that will create a sense of uniqueness, about you or your project?


There are vast amounts of enthusiasts that focus solely on power, and usable power at that. They’ve been around for years, decades even, but these days it’s a common attribute to any petrol head’s list of ‘things to do’.


While people were cleaning and queuing to get their cars inside for finishing touches, myself and Luke decided to check in at our hotel – the first time that day we sat down and relaxed for a while! Upon arrival, we soon realised that the hotel in question, was in fact a huge manor house, with outbuildings and its own lake – amazing grounds, tucked well away from public view.


To the bar! Well, once we unpacked anyway. Food was our number one priority so we both hit up pizzas, which may I add, was one of the nicest I’ve ever had. The perfect solution to cure that afternoon hunger.


Right, it was time to get ourselves back to the International Centre and see what was going on since we left.


Most of the cars were inside and sitting pretty, waxed and prepped for the next day. I know you guys stateside don’t have the Scirocco yet, which is a great shame but check out this lovely example that has recently had a colour change.

DSC_6131 DSC_6185

My friend Wayne has one of the most impressive and eye catching Audi’s out there currently – his brand new Purple RS6 sitting on ADV1 wheels. Colour combination works really well and stands out a great deal. I do have a thing for this colour!

DSC_6160 DSC_6290

Lots of interesting themes and styles going on around the place. From old to new, there were many different ideas and takes on designs – for example, the modern day Rotiform to the original BBS.


The quality of projects were on form. It’s quite exciting to see what has been unveiled for the show season, what areas of a specific car have been changed, upgraded, improved and also, the different approach they all have to their overall examples.

DSC_6194 DSC_6137

So it was time for our group to get together and unwind, or in our case, act up! We ventured along to a Chinese buffet restaurant in town, where lots of food and drink were consumed – and choc ices, lots of them!


Things slowly started to get out of hand, which was to be expected when all of the characters join forces, so we headed next door to a bar to carry on drinking.


A great day but a long day! Finally, everyone decided to call it quits and get back to their hotels for some much needed sleep. So far, from start to finish, it has been crazy. Lets see what the next day brings…

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