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Anything automotive or motorsport related is a huge interest and love to me, but obviously the day-to-day life of anyone cannot just be solely focused on that. There’s so much more to life than cars, take that comment however you want but it’s true. So I thought I would share my creative world with you all, to see what makes me tick and what really grabs my attention in life.


Ok you guessed it, I’ll start off on my automotive and car related passion. The absolute foundations lay in my childhood, where for some reason, I was obsessed with toy cars and with age, that grew into real drivable cars. I remember when I was a little boy, putting toy cars in the washing machine and even in my Dad’s shoes or jacket, so when he got to work he would randomly pull out a toy car of mine. Typical child’s play really.

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Let’s keep this short and sweet ok? That’s basically where it all came from, then as I got older and gained friends from different backgrounds, I was exposed to a lot of different interests and hobbies, but one thing that has always stuck with me is cars. You could say it’s in my blood.


Let’s get to the present day here. Friends. Such an important word in the community of car lovers worldwide. To me, my friends are a big part of what influences me and what I get involved with, sharing a common interest for car shows, events, meet ups and just every day general conversation. Some of my best friends are halfway round the world and I feel very lucky to be able to talk to them in different ways of communication. It keeps the friendship fire alive and that passion we all share.


I’ve managed to experience and see car shows around the UK, Europe and even in America. There are still a big selection of people here in England who haven’t experienced these events outside of the UK yet, which is a shame because it really does open your eyes to what goes on in different parts of the world. There’s always something new at every show, which is what’s needed in the car scene to keep things fresh and to push the community along without fading out into the darkness.

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I want to clearly state here, that the car scene, car community, automotive scene, or whatever you want to call it, really does revolve around friendships and people you meet. I’m certainly proud to say I have an amazing bunch of friends and we always have huge amounts of fun and laughter at car shows, trips and adventures together. It’s what it’s all about, not trophies and competition, with all the politics in between. It’s about having the best time with great company.

Yes, during and on the way back from the VW Days event over in France, we all had one big Nerf Gun war, in public, at the show and at the Shell garage. Good times!


Enough about cars already hey! My main passion and drug in life is design. Ever since a young age, I’ve been curious about art and design, all the way back to a tender age of around ten, where I would sit down on a Sunday night and design some sort of architectural building or even the latest MP3 player (at the time they were just coming onto the radar). This was more than enough to push me in the right direction of a life filled with creative design and inspiration.


I co-founded Officially Made in the summer of 2012, a creative design studio based here in Kent, England. I launched the company with my friend Luke, who is an awesome App Developer. We specialise in Website Design and App Development, along with branding and photography as other services. So far so good, we’re building the brand and hoping more and more people will support the company over time.


I have one of those minds that never shuts down, it’s constantly running at 100mph all day long, whether it’s thinking about cars, projects, design, traveling, the future, personal goals… The list goes on. It’s all apart of being a creative person.


Photography is a becoming a huge part of my life now but it never used to be. I used to have this small compact digital camera I shared with my Dad. I used it a couple of times but it didn’t really grab my attention. As soon as I heard about DSLR cameras and what other people were doing with them, incorporating my love for cars in with photography, I was hooked.

So some years have passed, I purchased a DSLR, got used to it and improved my skills. Then later on I upgraded my camera and continued to experiment and practice. As a creative guy, it feels so natural to have the camera in my hands, it feels like it was meant to be – putting my other non-design related skills to use. Some people might not notice the flare bouncing off a car that has some insane paintwork, or the colours and light bursting through the trees in the woods and so on. I get a real kick out of seeing these hidden gems, waiting to be captured by myself with my camera and my eyes.


I’m excited to see what the future brings. There’s no doubt that it will be full of creative, automotive and photography based awesomeness!

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