The Passion – Behind The Scenes

What is ‘The Passion’ ?

We all love cars like the next guy or girl right? Forget those gleaming show examples, super expensive parts, public attention, particular brands, awards and doing things for other people’s pleasure – what does it all come down to?

‘The Passion’ is a documentary focusing on the personal aspects of a car enthusiast and emotions of driving. This film takes you behind the scenes of Wayne’s automotive life, getting up close and personal plus I’ll be giving you a little background into myself and how this collaboration all come about.


The documentary showcases his impeccable fleet of Audi’s, interviews from Wayne and myself, and also connects with you – the viewer – on an intimate level. This was one of the main goals, to engage with everyone.


Most of you already know my background of design and photography, but if not, you’ll find out a little by watching my interview.

Organisation and planning is one of the most critical things, which is why it took so long getting to shoot the two Audi’s. I had been wanting to shoot the R8 alone for just over a year. A long time, but opportunities came and went, so I just thought ‘Ok, maybe next time. I’ll eventually shoot it’.


To cut a long story short, myself and Wayne have become quite good friends over the year and I decided, now was the time to do it.

I had this idea for a while and I felt like I needed to make it a reality. For myself, so I could express my creative side but also for everyone to enjoy. I wanted to shoot some very special cars but also document it somehow. Stereotyping isn’t great and that’s one of the concepts I wanted to work with here.


This vision was turning into something a lot bigger than I first thought. I needed a team of dope film makers to help me create this project, so I got in touch with ArchiveMedia. I went straight to the duo, Kyle and Callum, without considering anyone else.

I wanted to turn my ideas into something we can all socially benefit from on different levels. I knew ArchiveMedia could make it happen.


Kyle and Callum are a fantastic team of lads. As a friend of them both, I have always loved and respected their creative work.

I spoke to the guys about the film idea and they were stoked to be on board. We spent a while planning the footage, editing, locations, music, transitions, ideas and etc. Once we felt like everything was good to go, we settled on a date and the hard work started there.


Wayne Simpson is a huge lover of cars but more obviously, a big Audi fan, not that we knew or anything right? I first met him a couple of years back at a show, think it was Early Edition or Ultimate Dubs. I remember seeing his gorgeous Audi TT-RS parked in the corner. Since then, his Audi journey was been quite interesting to say the least.


It’s pretty clear to most of you, but some won’t know that Wayne is in fact wheelchair bound, not because of natural reasons either. Rather than going into detail here, I’ll let the interview footage explain. With permission of Wayne of course, we wanted to touch on this subject carefully, rather than push it aside.

We were going to shoot a film but where do we shoot? The location was critical as we didn’t want surroundings to draw the attention away from both the R8 and RS6. I found this stunning Manor House set on acres of land in Kettering, Boughton House. A huge thank you goes out to them for having us and letting us make a little V10 and V8 noise too!


So a little about this special car. It’s an Audi R8 Plus in Daytona Grey, which in my opinion is one of the best colours against the carbon fibre parts. It’s fitted with a special hand control system for use with the DSG gearbox, like all of Wayne’s cars so he can drive them – by pulling backwards on the lever to accelerate and pushing forward to brake.


Thanks to Plush Automotive, it has been tricked out with Accuair‘s E-Level air ride management, HPDrivetech struts and Bilstein bags, including a custom hard line air install in the front.

Also, not to forget the full interior retrimmed in custom Alcantara with Yellow stitching and Yellow seat belts.


Callum, getting those real nice hand-held raw scenes. Awesome guy, pretty good on a BMX and can make a mean pasta!


We’ve all got time for the Instagram shots right?


And yes Kyle, you really thought I was going to let this one slip right? Great guy, has a crazy dog and smashes out high quality work, every time. He loves the gorgeous bokeh…


We finished up filming on location and needed to get some road footage, so we headed out in convoy to some long straights. I think you know why we wanted straights. Now it was time for some GoPro action on board.


So after a long day of shooting, directing scenes, helping out and making sure things were running smoothly, I felt dead. I went into town to see some friends for beers, then I decided to hit up a local hotel and crash for the night, then headed back home the next day. Successful first day of #ThePassion.


Realistically, it was going to take quite a few more days worth of filming in total, to get exactly what we needed.


Myself and Kyle went back to film Wayne’s interview and capture those awesome driving scenes too. Hours passed quickly, working hard and concentrating on getting everything on point. We spent hours driving to and from the Midlands but it has all been worth it.


The next day I got up early, drove down to see the boys and spend a full solid day going through editing. Things soon took shape and sections of the film were looking very impressive. We also managed to shoot my interview and as you’ll see, I kinda slipped up a few times but being filmed is actually extremely hard. I’m so used to being behind the camera!

My interview turned out better than what I thought, so hopefully I don’t sound or look like a douche too much! Think I said ‘literally’ more than I should of, my bad!!


Right, lets get straight into it. Day 3 or 4, can’t quite remember as it has been a few months in the making. We ventured back to Wayne’s to film the final pieces which will complete the project. Luckily, he had the S3 back from getting custom wider arches and the R8 was flaunting its new ADV1 wheels. Quite the line up right!?


Lets touch on the RS6 for a moment. In the stunning Merlin Purple colour and the ADV1 wheels in Matte Black, it creates a real evil looking thing, especially with the big front grille.

It has been debadged at the rear, lowered 40mm on H&R springs, an Akrapovic exhaust and has Stage 1 software from APR which pushes out around 700bhp.


Wheel specs wise, they are ADV10 in Matte Black with Gloss lips with 20″ x 10 all round.


Wayne recently got his gorgeous new ADV15R wheels fitted to the R8, so we had to get these in the film! They’re in Matte Black and custom Peek-a-Blue, 20″ with 12″ rears 8.5″ fronts.


The R8 has recently been fitted with the good looking Armytrix exhaust system and custom blue titanium tips, to match the wheels. And just look at the S3, beautiful…


The sun was out and the weather was quite mild, so we were lucky. We took advantage of the sunlight to get some vibrant photos and footage.


Ok, so this awesome S3… It’s in bright Misano Red with Bronze wheels and I absolutely love this colour scheme – it works so well. It has been debadged and features custom wider arches all round by TUK Customs.

It’s sitting on ADV15 in Man Bronze colour, with 20″ x 9 all round. The wheels suit the car down to the ground. Speaking of ‘down to the ground’, Plush took care of this project by kitting it out with Accuair’s E-Level system, HPDrivetech struts and a custom hard line boot install.


You see that interior? It’s a full custom interior retrim from Plush, using genuine Ferrari leather – we all agreed that it even had that supercar smell to it, or it might have been the California Scents…

Performance wise, this thing is packing some impressive figures too. Stage 2 software from Revo, Forge intercooler, Forge diverter valve, air intake system from APR and Remus turbo back exhaust system.


Kyle working his magic as per usual. I must say, it has been an absolute pleasure working and teaming up with Archive Media. Kyle and Callum both knew what I wanted to achieve and they helped me make it happen. So thanks guys, for putting in tons of effort and hard work.


This whole thing has come alive from a single vision, to capture and film the joy, love and ‘passion’ of what it is we all have in common. As a creative, I wanted to give something back to the automotive community that we could all connect with. This documentary lets you loose yourself for a while, where nothing else matters and I personally hope that you all love it.


Whilst working on this project, I have learned a lot more about Wayne and respect him even more so. Having gotten to know him, I found out he has an awesome sense of humour and really is a great guy.

“I love driving. It gives me my freedom”

It has been a long few months and we’ve had the best time creating this with Wayne. I don’t want to go on too much here, so I’ll let the film below do the talking.

Sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy it…

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