Sweet like… – Stuart’s R55 Mini Clubman

There comes a time when people get the urge to do something a little different..

Stuart purchased his 2008 Mini Clubman back in June of 2013, previously owning a Bagged MKV GTI on Work Equip Voggards – You might have saw it around. He admits his main reason for switching to the Clubman wasn’t to be different or to be out there. But to save on his commute to work as both cars are daily driven.

From the start, Stuart already knew how this car was going to look (a year down the line, even before he had even purchased the car). That’s just the way he does things.


Unlike a lot of people in the scene, who will just throw money at the nearest vendor, or who’s popular on Instagram. Stuart’s Mini was built completely from scratch in his friend Ford Fitzsimmon’s garage over the space of a weekend. With the help of a few friends, Shaun, Lee, Andrew, Scott, Ross and Ford, they were able to fully build this car. Not without a few problems of course.


One thing you possibly won’t notice on this build unless you’re a Mini die-hard is the LCI front bumper. Stuart’s Clubman is a 2008 R55 Clubman, which originally came with a shallower bumper and grill. After a quick search on Gumtree, Stuart was able to source an LCI facelift bumper and grill for a mere £50 off a dodgy geezer in Newcastle, Stuart laughs… AFAIK or Stuart is aware this hadn’t been done or tried prior to this build. So it would just be pot luck if it fitted. Thank god, it did.


Stuart wanted to keep the interior OEM as he searched high and low for a Mini Clubman that came with Hot Chocolate interior pack which was an optional extra from the factory. It took months of looking to find one that would fit his plan.

5 6 7

Lastly, the mirrors. ‘Where did you get them..?’ Was the most asked question which Stuart decided to keep secret for a while. These were imported from Japan and are made for the R55 / R56 Mini Generations. Made from Alufibre, these were able to add the finishing touch to the build and added that extra touch of finesse and class.


When Stuart decided to bag the Mini he chose the best platform for his needs. Airlift Slam MKV fronts, Slayer Series rears with Airlift V2 management. This gave him the comfort from the daily commute, enough presets to keep anyone occupied and all the travel needed to lay frame on his daily wheels or show wheels.


Stuart’s plan originally was to run the Alfa wheels as a summer wheel and the 3SDM as a winter wheel. But after a delay in shipment from 3SDM and having already sold his original wheels, he ended up running the SZ’s right through until December 2013, which inevitably ruined the finish. Since then they’ve been fully restored. Thanks Mike!

Unfortunately the car was on it’s way to be parted out and sold at the time for the shoot, so here’s a few images over the season Stuart ran the beautiful Alfa SZ wheels.

Cobble1 Cobble2 Cobble3

Over the last 6 months. Stuart fell out of love with the car completely. Without going into too much details – Sheared bolts, blow-outs, crying girlfriends – Stuart was happy to see the back of the Clubman.

It’s been a Mini adventure..


Full Specification: 2008 Mini Clubman R55

Suspension: Airlift Slam MKV fronts, Slayer Series rears. Airlift V2, Viair 444c Compressor, 3 gal tank

Body Styling: Custom Alufibre mirrors, LCI post 09 front bumper and grills. Colour coded roof and rear door panels (originally they were silver).

Interior: Factory Optional Extra – Hot Chocolate Leathers interior. Hidden boot install in spare wheel well.

Wheels: Alfa SZ 17×8 and 17×8.5 ET22 & 25 with -3.5 on the rear. Tyres are 195/40 Falken’s.

Owner: Stuart Clapperton (@sunnydubz)

Photos: Scott McClure (@honestscott_)

Words: Stuart Clapperton / Scott McClure

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