Straight out of New York – Jason Paul’s Porsche 964


Remember that time at H20i? Well, I guess you could say I am one of the very few British guys who are fortunate enough to be able to say that. May I just add, what a trip it was! I originally flew over to the states specifically for the whole H20i adventure with the family, but to have the chance to shoot some awesome cars is an experience in itself.

And here it is, behold Jason Paul’s immaculate Porsche 964 Carrera 2, in all of it’s glory.


The shoot all came to light from a simple favour, here in the UK. I brought some merchandise with me to give to some guys running custom H&R coilovers, from StillStatic. And guess who was one of those guys I would be meeting up with to hand him some cool gear, Paul. So before I flew out to America, I contacted him to arrange the hook up and realised he owned a 964. Uh oh, things are about to get a little bit awesome right about now…

So it’s just a 964 right? Not quite, it’s not just any 964, this thing really has something about it that’s so attractive. Actually, it’s quite hard to explain but when you encounter a car that grabs your attention straight away, it’s something special.


The combination of a Black 964 on well suited Rotiform TMB wheels, simply kills it for me, in a good way of course. In my opinion, this glorious thing is executed to perfection and is exactly the approach I would take if I were to have a 964 in the future. Correction, ‘when’ I have one in the future, that is one of my personal goals.

I tend to look at different Porsches and feel like each has their own story to tell. Who knows what their stories would uncover but they all have their own personality and character. You don’t get that in this modern day of age.


Fitment is key, I guess if I’m thinking on behalf of the masses but as you can see, the fitment is carefully thought out. It’s not something you can just expect to happen easily, you need to calculate and plan these things to make sure you hit the nail on the head. I feel that Jason has achieved this, whilst maintaining the original Porsche stance. A salute to the past times where it all began.

DSC_1576 DSC_1629

What a perfect way to tease the Porsche obsessed hell out of me, I mean, I will own a 930 or 964 at some point in my life, but for now I’m forever impatient. Even though it’s Black, it truly stands out from the crowd. Something of pure beauty. Like a little sexy dress, it flaunts those famous 964 curves oh so well.

DSC_1632 DSC_1651

Time moves quickly when shooting and being in the photography zone, but sometimes you have to sit back to soak up the atmosphere for a split second, or two. When else are you going to be in that situation again with the same car, in the same location and weather. You don’t have to do anything, just stay there and stare for a while and you get a true sense of what the car is all about.

A highlight of my American trip, being exposed to this particular unique piece of automotive history.

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