SoWo Meet & Greet

So we’ve been teasing you guys and gals with this SoWo Meet & Greet for sometime now. That may or may not have been intentional. Well, it’s time to share the details about our plans for Southern Worthersee. First, let me say thank you from all of us here at, we’re very grateful for the love and continued support that you all have shown us over the past year. To think this time last year we were nearly non-existent and just a thought in Nate’s head. “Now we here!”

SoWo Meet & Greet

To thank you all and get to know our supporters a little bit more, we’ve decided to throw this shindig at SoWo. The plan is to have a rather relaxed meet, hangout with you all, take some pictures, check out some cars, and offer some limited edition shirts. Thats right, limited edition tees! A little while back Mark came up with this #FriendsNotFame motto. Since then, we’ve run with it! #FriendsNotFame is what we’re all about and we want to make certain it doesn’t get lost among the community. The limited edition tee will incorporate that great hashtag/motto, our logo, and Officially Made’s logo. These shirts will only be available at SoWo and in a limited amount so make sure to grab us at the Meet & Greet early to get yours!


More about the actual meet: there is an event page on Facebook, it can be found here. The meet will be Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. Chad took the time to call the Water Park for permission to use the lot. The lady was very pleased that we actually did call. Please be respectful to the Water Park! They’re kind enough to let us use the lot so please let’s not lose the privilege to do so again next year. The lot we will be using is at the corner of Edelweiss Strasse and Bruken Strasse (physical address is 222 Edelweiss Strasse). Picture for reference:


Again we can’t hardly wait to kick off the weekend with this get together! Hope to see you all Friday.


When: Friday, May 16th @ 2:00 p.m.

Where: Helen Water Park and Tubing (directions here)

Words by Dave Dorsey

T-Shirt design by Eddie Kranjcec


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