SoWo Meet & Greet

Southern Wörthersee has now sadly come and gone; leaving many of us wishing we could go back. Wishing we were still walking up and down the main strip as all the different cars drive by, taking as many pictures as possible, and just hanging out enjoying good company. This show is one in which I personally believe everyone should experience at least once!

3 May 16, 2014-IMG_0746

May 16, 2014-IMG_0748The waterpark was the place to be Friday afternoon!

May 16, 2014-IMG_0736 IMGP4204 IMGP4203

277@farklefitment was breaking necks all weekend!

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056@grzesieks4 & @joannabhanana showing support as always!

058 May 16, 2014-IMG_0705 060

062Oh hai @mk6kulka!

May 16, 2014-IMG_0707

This year the crew decided to put on our first Meet & Greet where everyone could come and hang out, put faces to the cars we all follow online, take some pictures and enjoy the over-so confused weather of Helen, Georgia. Even with the little bit of rain we got that day, we had an amazing turn out and we would like to thank all of you for not letting that keep you from coming out and helping us make our event a successful one!

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The limited edition #FriendsNotFame t-shirts ended up being completely sold out before our event was even over, so thank you all for showing us some love with that.

May 16, 2014-IMG_0711 May 16, 2014-IMG_0709 May 16, 2014-IMG_0726 May 16, 2014-IMG_0718 May 16, 2014-IMG_0710 May 16, 2014-IMG_0704 May 16, 2014-IMG_0712 May 16, 2014-IMG_0715 May 16, 2014-IMG_0719 May 16, 2014-IMG_0729

May 16, 2014-IMG_0722@d.harrellflow’s fitment is bananas!

May 16, 2014-IMG_0723 May 16, 2014-IMG_0724 May 16, 2014-IMG_0730 May 16, 2014-IMG_0732 May 16, 2014-IMG_0727 May 16, 2014-IMG_0728 May 16, 2014-IMG_0749 May 16, 2014-IMG_0737 May 16, 2014-IMG_0738 May 16, 2014-IMG_0741 May 16, 2014-IMG_0756 May 16, 2014-IMG_0765 May 16, 2014-IMG_0767 May 16, 2014-IMG_0764 May 16, 2014-IMG_0762 May 16, 2014-IMG_0761 May 16, 2014-IMG_0754 May 16, 2014-IMG_0742 May 16, 2014-IMG_0751 May 16, 2014-IMG_0743 May 16, 2014-IMG_0740 May 16, 2014-IMG_0735 May 16, 2014-IMG_0713 May 16, 2014-IMG_0696 May 16, 2014-IMG_0695 May 16, 2014-IMG_0693 May 16, 2014-IMG_0692 May 16, 2014-IMG_0691

I decided the best way to try and catch all the cars was to sit at the entrance and capture everyone as they came into (even some driving by) the meet. Some of you even stopped and gave me a smile or a wave! Thank you all again for helping to make the day a very successful one and hopefully you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

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After the success of our SoWo Meet & Greet we’ve been stirring up ideas for what’s next. Definitely going to have to get something similar put together for h2oi in Septemeber! All of the support you guys and gals are showing us is quickly turning our little fun hobby into something much, much more intriguing. We’d also like to thank the waterpark for letting us put on this event there, hope to do it for years to come! From all of us here at, thank you!


Words by Nikki Sturm (@gli_shorty)

Photos by
Nikki Sturm (@gli_shorty)
Dave Dorsey (@dorseydave)
Chadwick Kreiling (@chaddwickkk)

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