Southern Wörthersee 2014 – Vol. 2

Southern Wörthersee, AKA SoWo, is one of the largest Volkswagen/Audi shows in the US. It is based off of the Wörthersee Tour which is held in Austria every year. SoWo is held in a town named Helen. Helen is a quaint little town nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of north Georgia. It features a Bavarian-style theme which gives it a distinct feel of southern Germany. Absolutely perfect for the Southern Wörthersee event. During the third weekend of May, it is home to thousands of cars, enthusiasts, and the ruckus that comes with it. To gauge how small of a town Helen really is, it does not have a stop light and the population is around 500 people. My excitement for the 8th annual Southern Wörthersee event began months ago. Nate, Dave, and I had a group iMessage chat that we would explain our excitement for the trip almost daily. As the countdown became shorter and shorter my excitement skyrocketed. I would get asked numerous times in the days leading up to my trip this one simple question; “why are you going all the way to Georgia for a car show?”. “That’s a good question”, I would respond, followed by “It’s what I like to do”. I didn’t know what else to say. That question stuck in my head and I pondered on it, finally answering it fully in my head. It is way more than a car show to me. Yes, I travel 600 miles down to Georgia to see cars, but more importantly I travel this distance to be surrounded by and share the wonderful experience of SoWo with good people. I may only see some of these people once or twice a year so it’s nice to catch up since the last time we left off and talk face to face rather than through countless texts or Instagram comments! I am thankful for who I am involved with in this car community. It makes being apart of it that much better. Now onto the photos instead of boring you with more text, enjoy!

My departure was set for 11:30PM on Wednesday. After a full day at work I rushed home to wash and finish packing up my GTI and triple-checking my list to make sure I did not forget anything. Before I knew it, it was 9:30 and I had to leave in two hours! I laid in bed and checked the clock calculating how much sleep I would get if I fell asleep at that moment. Needless to say I did not get very much sleep. On the road I go. My next stop was somewhere in Virginia to meet James at 2:30AM.

May 14, 2014-IMG_0107

Pit stop for gas around 3:00AM

May 15, 2014-IMG_0110 May 15, 2014-IMG_0112 May 15, 2014-IMG_0125

We ran into heavy rain about 4:00AM and it continued for most of the trip.

May 15, 2014-IMG_0146

Stopped at a scenic overlook along I-26 in Tennessee

May 15, 2014-IMG_0149 May 15, 2014-IMG_0152 May 15, 2014-IMG_0157 May 15, 2014-IMG_0166

As we approached Helen James and I finally ran into people also headed to SoWo

May 15, 2014-IMG_0189 May 15, 2014-IMG_0174

As soon as I pulled into Helen I ran into Jason Paul and his static A5 on Rotiform TMB’s. He said he raised the car an inch for his trip from New York

May 15, 2014-IMG_0193 May 15, 2014-IMG_0197 May 15, 2014-IMG_0201 May 15, 2014-IMG_0207

Finally met up with Nate after breakfast thursday morning

May 15, 2014-IMG_0208

Pat hiding from the camera

May 15, 2014-IMG_0213 May 15, 2014-IMG_0218 May 15, 2014-IMG_0221 May 15, 2014-IMG_0224 May 15, 2014-IMG_0226 May 15, 2014-IMG_0227May 15, 2014-IMG_0238 May 15, 2014-IMG_0251 May 15, 2014-IMG_0252

More of the MK2 that was on the trailer

May 15, 2014-IMG_0242 May 15, 2014-IMG_0264 May 15, 2014-IMG_0266 May 15, 2014-IMG_0273

Friends, cars, cameras all weekend!

May 15, 2014-IMG_0275 May 15, 2014-IMG_0274 May 15, 2014-IMG_0276

Wes & Ali Cardy’s Beetle is one of a kind. Pictures do this car no justice! The Beetle was given the classic patina look by adding real iron dust over the blue plasi-dip.

May 15, 2014-IMG_0298 May 15, 2014-IMG_0305 May 15, 2014-IMG_0307

Ryan Norris’ Miami Blue MK1 with a 24V VR6 swap.

May 15, 2014-IMG_0309 May 15, 2014-IMG_0310 May 15, 2014-IMG_0312 Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Kip Love from Loves Trim Shop’s immaculate MK2

May 15, 2014-IMG_0317 May 15, 2014-IMG_0328 May 15, 2014-IMG_0348 May 15, 2014-IMG_0359 May 15, 2014-IMG_0360 May 15, 2014-IMG_0369 May 15, 2014-IMG_0370 May 15, 2014-IMG_0373 May 15, 2014-IMG_0375 May 15, 2014-IMG_0383 May 15, 2014-IMG_0386 May 15, 2014-IMG_0392 May 15, 2014-IMG_0299May 15, 2014-IMG_0409 May 15, 2014-IMG_0417 May 15, 2014-IMG_0422 May 15, 2014-IMG_0423 May 15, 2014-IMG_0427 May 15, 2014-IMG_0481 May 15, 2014-IMG_0515 May 15, 2014-IMG_0504 May 15, 2014-IMG_0442

Good vibes the entire weekend!

May 16, 2014-IMG_0533 May 16, 2014-IMG_0540 Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Erik Stevenson’s Beetle caught my eye early Friday morning. Gotta love an aircooled!

May 16, 2014-IMG_0549 May 16, 2014-IMG_0626 May 16, 2014-IMG_0681 May 16, 2014-IMG_0683

Nate and Erin being goofy at lunch

May 17, 2014-IMG_0830

Very clean MK5 GTI with a rabbit front. Apparantly pushing out some healthy numbers

May 17, 2014-IMG_0833

MK7 GTI with a brushed alluminum vinyl wrap

May 17, 2014-IMG_0834

APR tuned RS7

May 17, 2014-IMG_0838 May 17, 2014-IMG_0839

Onto the show field Saturday morning

May 17, 2014-IMG_0896 May 17, 2014-IMG_0898 May 17, 2014-IMG_0900 May 17, 2014-IMG_0916 May 17, 2014-IMG_0918 May 17, 2014-IMG_0920 May 17, 2014-IMG_0921 May 17, 2014-IMG_0923 May 17, 2014-IMG_0924

Country Golf! You don’t see these often. My first time seeing one in person

May 17, 2014-IMG_0925 May 17, 2014-IMG_1090 May 17, 2014-IMG_0927 May 17, 2014-IMG_0928

Michael Houck’s compound turbo GTD as seen on StanceWorks

May 17, 2014-IMG_0932 May 17, 2014-IMG_0934 May 17, 2014-IMG_0935 May 17, 2014-IMG_0941

New Audi A3 sedan sitting nicely

May 17, 2014-IMG_0945 May 17, 2014-IMG_0956 May 17, 2014-IMG_0957 May 17, 2014-IMG_0960 May 17, 2014-IMG_0962 May 17, 2014-IMG_0964 May 17, 2014-IMG_0973 May 17, 2014-IMG_0971 May 17, 2014-IMG_0974 May 17, 2014-IMG_0975 May 17, 2014-IMG_0976

Steve’s RS4 with the APR Stage 3+ supercharger kitMay 17, 2014-IMG_0977

May 17, 2014-IMG_0980 May 17, 2014-IMG_0981

Steve’s wheel and brake combo

May 17, 2014-IMG_0991 May 17, 2014-IMG_0996 May 17, 2014-IMG_0998


Love to see a Harlequin kept clean

May 17, 2014-IMG_1004 May 17, 2014-IMG_1006 May 17, 2014-IMG_1010 May 17, 2014-IMG_1018 May 17, 2014-IMG_1022 May 17, 2014-IMG_1025 May 17, 2014-IMG_1026 May 17, 2014-IMG_1027 May 17, 2014-IMG_1028 May 17, 2014-IMG_1030 May 17, 2014-IMG_1031 May 17, 2014-IMG_1032 May 17, 2014-IMG_1035 May 17, 2014-IMG_1040 May 17, 2014-IMG_1041

Marc’s MK6 rocking Pink Panther VIP Modular’s

May 17, 2014-IMG_1043


Sammy’s blue raspberry Rabbit on 2pc Fifteen52 Snowflakes

May 17, 2014-IMG_1047 May 17, 2014-IMG_1049 May 17, 2014-IMG_1051

Rollin’ coal!

May 17, 2014-IMG_1052 May 17, 2014-IMG_1054 May 17, 2014-IMG_1056


OEM+ on this MK6 Golf R

May 17, 2014-IMG_1058

TH-Lines will always be a favorite of mine

May 17, 2014-IMG_1069 May 17, 2014-IMG_1073 May 17, 2014-IMG_1077 May 17, 2014-IMG_1079 May 17, 2014-IMG_1078 May 17, 2014-IMG_1083 May 17, 2014-IMG_1087 May 17, 2014-IMG_1098
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May 17, 2014-IMG_1097

Who says you have to have air ride to have a neat trunk set up!?

May 17, 2014-IMG_1099

This B5S4 was painted Nardo Grey

May 17, 2014-IMG_1107May 17, 2014-IMG_1101 May 18, 2014-IMG_1123 May 18, 2014-IMG_1115

On Sunday, I went to the bridge that crosses Unicoi Lake. I ran into Kevin Connally (white CC) and Geoffrey McDonough (black Passat). The lake and mountain back drop was beautiful, even on a rainy and foggy afternoon. I think I’d rather have it that way for pictures anywayMay 18, 2014-IMG_1128

May 18, 2014-IMG_1130 May 18, 2014-IMG_1135 May 18, 2014-IMG_1134

Last year I took off in my GTI to take advantage of the mountain roads around Helen and I had so much fun I decided to make it an annual drive for me. I found this pull-off after a few hairpin turns and stopped to snap some shots of my car. What an experience! I highly suggest you do the same next year. Just go drive!

May 18, 2014-IMG_1156 May 18, 2014-IMG_1155 May 18, 2014-IMG_1162 May 18, 2014-IMG_1161 May 18, 2014-IMG_1163 May 18, 2014-IMG_1168

Some fellow enthusiasts had the same idea and came passing by

May 18, 2014-IMG_1174 May 18, 2014-IMG_1175 May 18, 2014-IMG_1177

Volkswagen brought two MK7 GTI’s along as a part of their Driving Experience. There was no line on Sunday so I took advantage of the opportunity to drive one. I was very pleased with it!

May 18, 2014-IMG_1205

APR’s MK7 again

May 18, 2014-IMG_1183 May 18, 2014-IMG_1204 May 18, 2014-IMG_1208 May 18, 2014-IMG_1213 May 18, 2014-IMG_1214 May 18, 2014-IMG_1258 May 18, 2014-IMG_1259 May 18, 2014-IMG_1265 May 18, 2014-IMG_1306May 18, 2014-IMG_1291 May 18, 2014-IMG_1314

Steve’s stage 3+ GTI after the rain cleared on Sunday

Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with g1 presetGaets Orr’s 24V MK2 looking oh so good on Porsche D90’s!

May 18, 2014-IMG_1315 May 18, 2014-IMG_1317Last night in Helen I met up with Mike, Jay, Derick, Britley, Bryan, Alex AKA Derger, and Kyle for pizza before the depressing drive home.

May 19, 2014-IMG_1339 May 19, 2014-IMG_1343

Somewhere in Virginia on the home stretch we came across Steve in his GTI and shortly after Baker came rolling by in his Golf R

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetFrom Anna Ruby Falls



Words and Photos by Chadwick Kreiling (@Chaddwickkk)

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