Simply Clean 5

As winter arrives and the rest of the country is putting their wheels up for sale and going into “wintermode”, show season in South Florida continues to heat up. Blue skies, lots of sunshine and wearing shorts in December, provides the perfect recipe for hosting shows and meets year-round. Once a year, the guys over at Simply Clean host one of the most diverse and eye-catching shows to ever hit the South Florida car scene. From JDMs to Euros, Simply Clean showcases quality cars of every make and model. Their Beliefs are simple: It’s not about competition. It’s all about bringing the car community together. And, that’s a message we at strongly support. With five years under their belt, Simply Clean continues to create car shows that keep getting better and better. Every year I attend, it’s clear to see the hard work and dedication the Simply Clean crew puts into throwing a show that not only shows off great rides, but also creates an inspiring environment for the community. This year they hosted a raffle to win a free wrap for your car along with other sweet prizes from the vendors that showed up. It was heart-warming to see that in order to enter the raffle you had to donate non-perishable foods and supplies for the poor. All proceeds were donated to Pathways To Care, “a not-for-profit assisted living facility which provides recuperative care to homeless men and women recovering from an acute illness or injury.”

I’d like to give a special thanks to Simply Clean for hosting the show and to all of the vendors there that made it possible. Like always, I had an amazing time. Of course, I saw a bunch of bad ass rides, but the best part: I got to see some old friends and make new friends that otherwise I would have never met. And, that’s what shows are all about.

Simply put…

It’s not a competition.

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Words and Photos by Eddie Kranjcec