Players Classic at Goodwood Motor Circuit

After the success of last year’s epic event, courtesy of the Players crew, I decided that I needed to go for round 2, regardless of the terrible weather in the morning. Last year was insane – perfect weather, history was made when Mad Mike and Fredric Aasbø both drifted around the track for the first time ever, Speedhunters were proud sponsors of the show. With that being said, it’s a day not to be missed.

So it was Saturday morning and the horrific weather did start to clear up, with Blue sky trying its hardest to peer through the clouds, giving us that car show weather we all love.


Rather than give you the typical ‘automotive enthusiast’ full on feature – which lets face it, does get a little boring at times – I thought I’d keep it short and sweet, focusing on a selection of projects, examples, things that stood out to me and just general show coverage from another view. Much like the photo above, of a super cool pug chilling out whilst it’s owners are chatting away. The pug life chose him!


Yes, this awesome looking TT is in fact, on StillStatic coilovers. It just goes to show that you can indeed execute the look of your car perfectly, with the right tools and gear, and of course, imagination. I think it looks amazing and is one of my favourite TT’s out there currently.


Empty pit lanes always look like they’re a mile long. Soon to be filled up with track obsessed car guys.


Shiv from Design4Automotive, again switching things up a bit with this Jon Olsson RS4 inspired wrap on some bright wheels. The other side is another colour! Over the past couple of months, this thing has had quite a few different looks, one being completely all Black everythangggg.

DSC_7381-Web DSC_7387-Web

An extremely subtle but in your face Audi, sitting great on some Rotiform IND wheels. Paint, stance and wheel combo work oh so well. Pretty sure Rob Goodwin is thinking the same in that photo…


A gorgeous E21 on top of some everlasting BBS RS wheels. These old BMW’s really do hit the spot in my opinion.


Whilst I do love the German car scene, I don’t turn my nose up at everything else. These two Civic EK’s look amazing, which is slightly annoying as I kind of want one now.


Another sneaky shot of that TT, gleaming in the sunshine.

DSC_7405-Web DSC_7409-Web

Some people were getting stuck into track time, seeing as the weather cleared up massively. I don’t blame them!

DSC_7424-Web DSC_7430-Web DSC_7436-Web

The Players’ BMW Art replica, making an appearance after it’s crazy antics down in Worthersee recently. I know it’s ‘out there’ but I really do like it.

I love the whole DTM feel about this thing.


One of my good friends Josh Mussell, has owned a few cool cars in the past, but his 350Z is at the peak of it all. The fitment on this thing is crazy. Also, he is the front man of Like Hell Design, so please do check out his Graphic Design work, as it is very impressive!

DSC_7445-Web DSC_7452-Web DSC_7455-Web

I saw this guy sitting in his caged up BMW, in the pits and waiting to tear things up on track. This photo gives you a sense of what it’s like when you’re in that moment, where you shut off and all of your senses are locked in to one purpose – to go nail it.

DSC_7460-Web DSC_7464-Web DSC_7467-Web

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with one of my American friends, Matt Crane of AWOL. Awesome guy, funny as hell and makes awesome films. Go watch them, now, AWOL, now, do it.

He told me to get that shot… I got it.


Beautiful TTRS on Rotiform splits. You can tell I have a thing for these Audi’s right?

DSC_7479-Web DSC_7490-Web

You all know I have a huge soft spot for the 964, so of course, I had an overload when I saw these parked up together in the background.


Show done, day done, weather on skin, done… Awards were given out, people said goodbyes and everyone headed back to their car once again for another drive home.


It went from a bad start, to clearing up nicely, to an awesome day. The weather pulled through, Players didn’t disappoint and I’m glad I ventured down there to cover the show.

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