Nothing Gold Can Stay VOL. 2

Nothing Gold Can Stay VOL.2

It’s time for volume 2! If you remember correctly, this series ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’ revolves around excessively swanky stuff! In this month’s installment, it took me quite awhile to determine what was worth writing about and I apologize for the delay. Without any further delay, this month’s subject is….The Eclipse! No, not the timeless sport coupe of the 90’s. The Eclipse is the world’s most

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expensive yacht. I couldn’t find an exact number on the price of this unbelievable yacht but they ranged from $500 Million all the way to $1.3 billion! Regardless, I’d say that qualifies as a bit swanky!


Let’s get to the facts about

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this absolutely stunning yacht. The Eclipse features two helipads, twenty-four guest rooms, two full-size swimming pools, and countless hot tubs. Did we mention the mini submarine that is on-board? Yes, it has its own submarine! Supposedly it takes roughly seventy crew members to maintain this yacht full-time. That all seems pretty normal compared to what else this thing consists of. Bullet-proof windows for starters, but that’s just the beginning! The Eclipse features intruder detection systems and a German built missile defense system!


This yacht is completely insane and a hell of a way to spend $500 million. I don’t know about you, but if this was mine, I’d just live on it! Eclipse_yacht_1991_9-300x178 There aren’t many pictures out there of the interior, so you’ll have to use your imagination on some of it. The few that are out there on the internet are simply amazing. From the spiral staircases to the multiple bars and huge theater, this yacht is seriously everything you’ve ever wanted in one place. Eclipse-yacht-roof

Now, about the owner a little bit. His name is Roman Abramovich and is a Russian business tycoon and the main owner of the private investment company Millhouse LLC. He is also well known for being the owner of the Chelsea football club. Roman is only forty-seven years old and his estimated net worth is $14.5 billion making him the 50th richest person in the world! However, the Eclipse isn’t Roman’s only yacht. The Eclipse is obviously the biggest and most expensive, but Abramovich’s “Navy” consists of four other multi-million dollar yachts!

I’m sure we would all spend over $500 million dollars in different ways, but Roman Abramovich has over $10 billion so remember that much. If you had his money wouldn’t you own something similar to The Eclipse? I know I would! Friends, family and I would take cruises wherever the heart desired! Think about all the things you could do with his money. What would you do? Dream swanky…

Words by Dave Dorsey

Source Business Insider

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