Nothing Gold Can Stay – Brock’s MKV GTI

Brocks cover

Good people are simply hard to find…. Those words, “good people”, are exactly how I would describe Brock. All I have to say is get to know him, spend time with him, and look how he treats others. The perfect example, who else buys their daughter a MK2 to build and modify? By the way, she won’t be driving for another 5+ years! In the tradition of keeping things short and sweet, Brock is the epitome of “good people”.


Roll the clock a few years back and Brock and I both had one pretty cool thing in common, we both had Black Magic Pearl MKV GTI’s (#iknowrite). Not only did we both have the same car, we both had “it” bad for that car, throwing any available funds at them to “make them our own”. Over the years this is where I really got to know Brock. As with everything, times change. Brock recently sold his GTI for good reason, he stepped up into an e90 335i (silly elitists). The sole purpose of this feature is to simply pay tribute to the type of person we all hope to know and to pay tribute to one hell of a build!

DSC_0746 DSC_0742

Onto the next good sir, and by the way… Black and Gold is pretty much perfect.

DSC_0801 DSC_0780 DSC_0785 DSC_0774

Notice the all white LED dash… Brock pulled every stock red bulb and swapped it for white. Let’s just say that took a few minutes (oh hi MK6 steering wheel).

DSC_0795 DSC_0738 DSC_0757

The Build:

2008 Black Magic Pearl MKV GTI (FSI motor), DSG Transmission

Under The Hood:

– APR stg2+ software w/ APR DSG tune

– BSH heat shield, noise pipe delete, charge pipe, motor/trans mounts

– APR stealth turbo back exhaust and high pressure fuel pump

– Eurojet valve cover

– Forge Motorsports intake and engine bay caps (finished in gold metallic)

– Integrated Engineering catch can kit (custom built)

– Yellow top battery with Kicker terminals

*VagCom codded to appropriately hand all modifications and retrofitted headlights


– AirLift V2 Management

– Performance Series front struts/bags w/ adjustable camber/dampering

– Double Billow rear bags w/ Koni Yellow struts

– Single 444cc VIAR compressor w/ dual water traps

– Shortened sway bar end links


– Stainless steel lines w/ slotted and drilled  2 piece rotors

Exterior Modifications:

– CUSTOM BUILT HEADLIGHTS – MoriMoto ballasts/shutters/hoods/bulbs/harnesses

– Votex front valance

– Blue aspheric mirrors

– Euro GT front grille with R-line fog covers

– Ziza full LED kit (every exterior light)

Interior Modifications:

– RNS315 newer gen MK6 head unit w/ Navi & BlueTooth

– P3 OBD2 active complete gauge (check them out, a must for any OBD2 car) – p3cars

– Euro Switch

– Full LED white light swap with blue Rline needles (only MKV to do so to date)

– BMP color matched interior trim

– Alpine type R subwoofer/amp

**along with a handful of misc tweaks**


As with any build this extensive it’s tough to move on… things happen for a reason and we can not wait for the 335i to get the same kind of love.





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