Little Lupo, Big Heart

When it comes to creating these features, I like to keep them unique and interesting. Some builds are kept away from peering eyes and others are soaking up the public attention. There is a special little car that gets attention for all the right reasons.

This brings me straight onto something I have been wanting to shoot for months on end now, back when the car was rocking a different look. Rob and Harry’s VW Lupo GTI, brought to you from the two brothers who effortlessly execute their work to the highest of qualities. Without further a do, lets get into it shall we?


For those of you who don’t know, this rather handsome thing used to be White, and if we’re taking it way back, Black was the colour from where it all started. It has come such a long way to how it stands now, it is considered perfection to most and a never ending love affair to the duo.


From coilovers to air ride, standard paint to custom resprays, the history of this Lupo is extensive and continues to evolve throughout the years of ownership. A natural thing all automotive enthusiasts relate to and go through constantly, with their own builds and projects.

This car was never destined for a normal future, oh no, with Rob and Harry laying there golden touch on whatever they do. It’s a part of the family now and has been for quite some time.


It sits so hard, looks all pretty but can take a hammering down the motorway any day. You need to hear the exhaust… Explicit content for sure.

DSC_7881-Web DSC_7906-Web

Remember the ‘Carbon Vision’ feature a couple of months back? Well the carbon fibre featured here on this Lupo has come from the exact same place, C6 Carbon, the ‘go to’ brand for your carbon work. With subtle touches all over such as the centre console dash, wing mirror base plates, rear light surrounds, it drills down on the details without going over the top.

DSC_7908-Web DSC_7914-Web

The respray and bodywork have been taken care by the team at Legend Vehicle Specialists, who have the experience and history set in place for this project to be in the safest of hands. The paint is a three stage process, using House of Kolor ‘Candy Red’ which catches the light in incredible ways.


It’s currently rolling around on custom made 3-piece wheels, all the way from CCW Wheels in Florida. They are in fact, 16″x8J D11L’s, forged and CNC machined with ET19 fronts and ET6 rears. Over here in the UK, we’re not going to see another set like these any time soon. When Rob and Harry both showed me photos of the wheels being built at CCW, I knew it was going to look killer – I could just picture them on the Lupo so easily!


And what do you get? Perfect fitment, plus they suit the Lupo to the ground. Excuse the pun there but they really do.


Even though I was a big fan of the White, its new ‘Candy Red’ paint looks amazing. A respray like this needs extreme protection from the elements, so Kleen Freaks makes sure they’re taken care of. They produce high quality wax and cleaning products, which are perfect for this application.

DSC_7935-Web DSC_7937-Web

In side profile view, it looks great. The Lupo is boxy in shape but at the same time, very curvy and soft. The colour, stance and wheels, plus other small careful details make this a truly stunning piece of automotive art.

Can cars be or become art? It’s unique, yes and it’s an example of a team’s creativity, so why wouldn’t it be considered? Maybe I’m being biased, but art provokes emotion, feeling and a sense of reaction – yet this does all of that?


My opinions are of course debatable and I respect any other opinion, because we all have different tastes and excitement provoking personalities. You know I love this car, because of what I’ve wrote here and how I tried to capture the true essence of it – The beauty, the time and effort behind the finished example, the gorgeous looks teamed up with months worth of planning. It’s a triumph of success, for one, a small and standard car, and two, for their personal achievements.


The stance is with thanks to Plush Automotive, who took her in and totally kitted her out with a full Accuair e-Level system, all bells and whistles, singing and dancing. They also re-trimmed the interior, which has been kept dark and looks so on point. When choosing exactly what they wanted to do, they both always agreed on going all out with quality and style. Nothing has been overlooked with this continuous project.

DSC_7945-Web DSC_7948-Web

I guess what you don’t see all the time, is the engine bay, which has always been kept in it’s original colour. A definition between the Candy bodywork and engine bay actually works a treat.


Shoot done, with hours worth of catching up with friends and just generally chilling out, we decided to make a move and part ways. These two humble guys are an absolute treasure to the automotive way of life, for what it’s all about – fueling your passion and making it come alive, but enjoying the process and taking time to appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears in the end.

Who knows what will happen next, but it will become another chapter in the living biography of their beloved Lupo GTI.

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