Like A Sir


We all know the MK4 platform game has done the rounds for quite some time, but every now and then you’ll come across one in particular that’s really impressive. I’ll admit it, I never really used to be a huge fan of them until I found a few examples, then they changed my opinion over the recent years. They’re quite tricky to get looking on point, considering the vast amount of similar builds but this nails it for sure.


It’s one thing, as a creative designer, to click with another of your kind but it’s another thing to both share the same interests away from the digital design world. Nathan Canty, a very talented Graphic Designer here in Kent, owns this gorgeous MK4 Bora.

DSC00171-C DSC00120-C

The smallest of changes can make the biggest of impacts, such as the Lupo wing mirrors. The interior is currently a work-in-progress right now, but features heated leather seats and multifunction steering wheel. Looking forward to what he does next. Maybe I’ll let the photos do most of the talking this time instead of full-blown paragraphs!

DSC00160-C DSC00159-C

This thing sits on the ground with help of Air Lift and a chassis notch to get low. An IDF kit was required to re-align the rear axle up with the arch correctly, as the MK4 suffers from a design fault when lowering by considerable amounts. It also reduces height by 23mm, which is a huge difference to any perfectionist.


A big part of Nathan’s vision was to venture down the American GLI route, with genuine US parts which would give his project tons of uniqueness over here in England. We’re talking chrome rubstrips, front and rear valance, side skirts and rear lights.

DSC00146-C DSC00181-C

It wears it’s three-piece Kerscher shoes very well, being 18″x9 fronts and 9.5 rears with 3 degrees of camber. They do look extremely impressive on this and sometimes a wheel design can make or break the overall look. Choice of wheel colour works well because it makes the chrome accents pop nicely.

DSC00179-C DSC00140-C

It was awesome shooting this special build and being able to capture it properly in the right setting. I guess you can over-complicate a location but I wanted to focus on the quality and detail, rather than a special grand scene or backdrop.

DSC00123-C DSC00198-C

As you can see, fitment had to be perfect in order to pull off the classy but serious look. It wasn’t a case of strapping on wheels and hoping for the best, he needed to consider widths, camber, arch positioning and all to the nearest millimeter.


The small details haven’t been overlooked here. Nathan is a creative guy, so I understand his everlasting search for perfection when it comes to his personal work, whether that be big or small. It’s about creating the balance that he aspired to in the first place. What he’s ended up with is a fantastic example of merging elegance and hard-hitting features, with a brilliant execution.


Something very subtle such as headlight covers, were on the details list. Extremely hard to get hold of but he managed to track them down into his possession.

DSC00175-C DSC00193-C

As it lays there on the ground, it creates a very calming atmosphere and time almost stands still. I can’t think of the last time I came across something in the automotive world that has this effect on me. They usually scream and shout for attention but this however, doesn’t and shouldn’t. It’s persona is that of a gentleman, like a sir, if you will.

Words & Photos – @MRKODNGHE

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