Kuecking & Skreeming – Seth’s saga from totaled to 20th

Let’s start things off with a little background… in case you don’t know Seth or his story. Just over a year ago Seth’s extremely clean MkV Jetta (SoWo booth car) was totaled in a front end collision on his way home from work. After waiting on the insurance to clear things up he was given devastating news, it was time to find a new car. Shortly thereafter, on July 4th weekend 2013, Seth picked up his 20th anniversary GTI. As you’ll see, it’s come a long way!

May 16, 2014-IMG_0602 May 16, 2014-IMG_0604 May 16, 2014-IMG_0606

So, as many of you know we here at Condukt.co held a little feature contest for SoWo. The rules were simple, we would narrow the field to thirteen and leave the final voting up to you guys. Well after two weeks a few cars separated themselves from the field, mainly Seth and his plastidipped 20th anniversary GTI. Seth racked up over 1,800 “votes” or likes on Instagram; impressive to say the least.

May 16, 2014-IMG_0610 May 16, 2014-IMG_0612 May 16, 2014-IMG_0636

So I asked Seth how he got into cars, his answer surprised me because it’s very close to my own reasoning. In Seth’s words “I always had a knack for taking things apart, tinkering, and finding out they worked. This carried on as I got older. As soon as I turned 16, I got my first car, started playing, and it all went downhill from there.”

May 16, 2014-IMG_0630 May 16, 2014-IMG_0631 May 16, 2014-IMG_0633

The plan was to have Chad shoot Seth’s car at SoWo, and early Friday morning that’s exactly what we did. We met up, had breakfast, hung out with the guys from Brada Wheels (mini feature coming soon), and finally headed off to shoot his car. This gave me a little time to get to know Seth. It didn’t take long to figure out that Seth is a genuinely good guy who built his car for his liking, not the opinions of everyone else. That being said, everyone seems to love his car just as much he does! Hopefully, that applies to his girlfriend Sarah whom has put up with countless nights in the garage with Seth and his 20th.

May 16, 2014-IMG_0640 May 16, 2014-IMG_0641 May 16, 2014-IMG_0646

Seth’s a pretty humble guy and when asked if he’d like anything in particular in this feature the only thing he asked for was to thank the people who helped him with his build. So from Seth “I just want to selectively thank Kevin, Wes, Fred, Matt, John, Sean, and the Omaha VW community for their help and of course Sarah.”

May 16, 2014-IMG_0645 May 16, 2014-IMG_0647

During our photo shoot I asked Seth what he loved about the MkIV platform, rather than going back to a MkV and his answer was simple: “My favorite part has to be the motor. While it may not be the quickest or most modified by any means, it definitely isn’t ever boring to drive. It was a HUGE jump from my super slow 2.5 MkV Jetta.” After the few hours we spent doing car stuff and just shooting the shit, I’m glad to call Seth a friend of mine and can’t wait to see what’s next for the 20th.

– Frankenturbo F21 K04 Hybrid
– Bosch EV-14 550cc Injectors
– Walbro 255 Inline Fuel Pump
– Forge Throttle Body Pipe
– Eurojet Front Mount Intercooler
– Forge 007 Diverter Valve
– UroTuning PCV/EVAP/SAI Silicone Delete Kit
– 034Motorsports Stealth Catch Can
– Custom 3” to 2.5” turbo back exhaust w/ R32 style exit
– Black Forest Industries Dogbone Mount
– Diesel Geek Sigma 6 short shifter
– Eurodyne Maestro Tune

– OEM European headlight switch
– OEM Jetta vents
– OEM R32 Monster Mats
– Forge Big Shift Knob
– GripRoyal Wooden Steering Wheel

– Custom Intense Teal Pearl Plastidip by Addipted
– OEM R32 rear bumper
– OEM European Ocean Tail Lights w/ rear fog
– Helix European Style Projector Headlights

Air Suspension/Wheels
– Airlift Autopilot V2 Management
– Airlift Slam Series XL Fronts
– Airlift Performance Series Rears
– Bilstein Shocks
– Klutch Republik SL14 18″ x 8.5″ et35, 18″ x 9.5″ et30 (final offset et20/et22)
– Mevius Neo chrome lugbolts
– IDF Drop Plates + Camber Shims

May 16, 2014-IMG_0648 May 16, 2014-IMG_0651 May 16, 2014-IMG_0655 May 16, 2014-IMG_0657


P.S. Thanks for the sunglasses Seth <3


Words by Dave Dorsey (@dorseydave)

Photos by Chadwick Kreiling (@chaddwickkk)

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