Keeping it Classic – Colin’s MkV GTI

For most of us, the longer you have been in the car scene the more you come to look forward to specific events each year. For the other “tri-state” (KY, OH, IN) Water by the Bridge, in Louisville, has become our season opener. Thankfully WBTB is local for the Cincinnati portion of the family (last minute, late night prep work)! The venue, Waterfront Park, is unique and allows for an awesome atmosphere being just a few feet from the Ohio River. Not to mention an amazing backdrop for photos during and after the show. While we were all hanging out and taking in the great turnout (WBTB gets bigger every year), we asked Pat McCue to snap a few pictures for the site. He obliged and picked one car of the many that turned up. Luckily enough, he picked Colin Sapara’s white MkV GTI.


While I knew Colin (being a MkV kid myself) I had yet to have the opportunity to really talk to him. Colin got into Volkswagen after a motocross accident gave him a reality check… he decided he needed to find another, less painful, avenue to express himself. He turned to another passion to do just that. Like just about everyone in the modded car scene, Colin bought his GTI with the intention of lowering it a little and finding a nice set of OEM+ wheels to give it his own unique look. We all know the story and the end result….


After spending some time and doing his homework, Colin decided to go the air route rather than be “cool” and ride static. Thus came the ongoing dilemma of what wheels to go with. Being a college student he decided to start buying wheels, refinishing them, and trading up until he got what he ultimately wanted… BBS RS’.

WEB_Colin_Condukt3 WEB_Colin_Condukt4

Colin’s MkV is a great example of less is more. I don’t care what anyone says, MkV + RS = WIN. No matter how many times it has been done, it always looks good. After chatting with Colin for a few minutes I was impressed with how down to earth he was. It’s always refreshing to come across someone who appreciates the car scene for the right reasons (especially today’s Euro scene). More importantly, I’m proud to see someone like Colin rocking that banner. Keep up the good work buddy, hopefully we will see you at SoWo!



Mod List

-Nuespeed P-flo intake

-Airlift Performance front struts (-3* front camber & -4* rear)
-Airlift slam rears
-Accuair switch speed management

-BBS RS 17×9 & 17×9.5 et Perfect lol.

– Filled hood notch & Badgless grille

-hardwood trunk floor & hard lines


Words by Nathan Hale (@ninohale) & Dave Dorsey (@dorseydave) #flashdorsey

Photos by Patrick McCue (@patrickmccuephoto) #themanmccue

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