The Long Road Ahead – Jetta feature

The Long Road Ahead

To some people a car is just a way of transportation. To some it’s nothing special; rather an object they use everyday. To me? It’s a part of who I am. It’s a way of expressing myself and relieving stress. Sure, I daily drive my project, but that’s part of what makes it special. I bond with this car on a daily basis. I bought this Jetta around the time of SoWo this year. It didn’t look or run well, but it was mine and it would play a very important role instilling my love for Volkswagens. I had several Volkswagens in the past (a few gti’s and such), but I think my love for them dates back to restoring a ’67 Ghia in the garage with my mother. Weird I know, my mother was the one I turned a wrench with. More about that another time. Back to the Jetta and the role it would play.


These pictures are all from H2Oi ’13 and shot by a good buddy ‘Chaddwickkk.’ While I have attended plenty of shows on a smaller scale, H2Oi was the first of this size. Needless to say I had a blast and can’t wait for next year! Leading up to the Ocean City trip my car was in pieces. The wheels weren’t on yet and it seemed like every other day I was dialing in the ride height and fitment. The interior was in my basement preparing for a rewrap. Hell, the car went to paint just 10 days before leaving!


I knew my car wouldn’t break any necks or win any awards. I pride myself on having a clean, attractive car; and, to me, that’s precisely what this Jetta represents.


So I was rushing to get my car back together! I got her back from paint and started doing some maintenance to prepare for the long haul. Now, not only was I driving to Ocean City, but the weekend before H2Oi I was heading to Savannah, GA to see two of my best friends. That meant in a ten day span I would put over 2,600 miles on this ole girl. Keep in mind this is a MkIV, so to some that’s asking a lot. Even Nate thought I was crazy!


H2Oi was finally here and I couldn’t be more excited. had been ‘founded’ earlier in the year, but this to me is where it took shape and really became something more than any of us had expected. Of course we had plenty of people reppin’ banners, but this is where the idea would really take flight. Other than Nate and I meeting on some random GTI forum, I hadn’t met everyone else involved and was anxious to do so. Getting to spend time with everyone and meeting a few new people, like Mark and Chad, made this trip worthwhile. Condukt isn’t strictly about cars, but rather friends, family, and the good times this lifestyle brings. I couldn’t have realized this any other way than first hand at one of the biggest shows in the U.S.


The role this car has played so far isn’t just restoring my love for Volkswagens but also for this whole lifestyle that we share. Just like most others in the car scene, I have big plans for what I want to do with my car and now I have big dreams for Condukt as well. I’m extremely excited to see where all this goes.

Words by Dave Dorsey

Photos by Chadwick Kreiling