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Derick Cover Photo

Oh no, not another GTI on BBS RS’s. You may think it’s all been done before and that it’s all played out. One thing you definitely think is that it looks damn good when executed properly.


Well, Derick’s MkVI GTI looks damn good! Funny thing is that Derick had no plans for this car upon purchase. He started out full of innocence. He bought the car close to four years ago, brand new, with a mere sixteen miles on the clock. Derick’s original plan was to keep the GTI as a daily while he worked on his MkII Jetta. Needless to say, that plan went out the window shortly there after.

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What started off so innocent and harmless has become one of the cleanest cars around and draws plenty of attention at all of our favorite shows. Speaking of drawing attention, Derick is one of the lucky few that got out of H2Oi without a mile long rap sheet. Although, he did have a close encounter. He must have had the only cool cop in OC all weekend, because he got away with nothing but a warning and was told to leave the car parked for the rest of the weekend. An hour later, we were all headed down the strip to shoot his car. With Derick surrounded we made it safe and sound. The best part about photoshoots to me isn’t watching Chadwick work his magic but rather the hangz and friendships created thru this wonderful car family that we’re all apart of. I think we can all agree that some of the best friendships we have are people we only see a few times a year.

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Something unique about this particular feature you’ll see is that Chadwick didn’t do just one shoot with Derick’s lovely MkVI but two. One shoot in beautiful Helen, GA, at that little show we call SoWo, and the other in Ocean City, MD for H2Oi. This gave us an excuse to hang with Derick and build a friendship that is genuine and that is exactly what we’re about here at

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Derick couldn’t fight the urge to modify the car for too long. After only having the car for a few months the bug had bitten. His first purchases were an APR intake and exhaust to get the GTI breathing properly. Shortly thereafter Derick ordered his full V2 Airlift suspension setup.

IMG_1299 IMG_1302 IMG_1301


Engine: APR Stage 2 Carbon Intake

Tune: APR stage 2

Suspension: V2 Airlift Performance, IDF upper control arms

Body styling: OEM Front Lip Spoiler Kit, Optik Werks Side Skirts

Interior: Custom Tank Setup, V2 controller fabricated to fit in the sunglass holder in the headliner, Rear seat delete

Exhaust: APR 3-inch turboback with res delete

Other (tint, etc.): Golf R Euro taillights

Wheels: Triple Chromed BBS RS – 17×9.5 et35 and 17×11 et35 – Camber is -3 and -6.

IMG_1294 IMG_1291 IMG_1290

The main reason this thing draws so much attention is absolutely that beautiful set of rs’s. These aren’t your everyday set of rs’s either. That said, you won’t see another set like these when stumbling around SoWo or H2Oi. These bad boys are not only built with some pretty wild specifications, delivering fitment as tight as his pants, but are triple chromed!

IMG_1310 IMG_1309 IMG_1308

Not only are they triple chromed by Rotiform to deliver that perfect finish but they are color coded to a tee. The red and gold centers, 24k gold hardware, even the powder coated red barrels go with the rest of the car perfectly.

IMG_1306 IMG_1303

Like a lot of us Derick’s number one go to wheel would be a set of rs’s. His other favorites are th-lines. Funny thing is that he actually had a set new in box that he never even opened before he sold them to buy his dream wheels, this particular set of BBS RS’s. He would later build them into the beautiful wheels you see pictured. This wasn’t an overnight project however, it took about five months start to finish.

IMG_5361-Edit IMG_5357 IMG_5358 IMG_5351

“As much as I wanted to sell them I couldn’t now and I’m glad I haven’t. Never truly thought by now I could of afforded to get my own set of rs’s but not just any set of rs’s I’ve made them my personal favorite.” – Derick


Derick wouldn’t go into much detail on his future plans but did drop a few hints about whats next. Obviously it’s going to be good! I’m looking forward to the rest this build as I’m sure you are as well. Stay tuned.


Owner: Derick Harrell (@d.harrellflow)

Photos: Chad Kreiling (@chaddwickkk)

Words: Dave Dorsey (@dorseydave)

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