HOT ROSITA! – Chris Seeman’s Subaru WRX


I met Chris just a few years back and have had the pleasure of watching this car come to life through a culmination of hard work and patience. I remember the day he first barreled into my driveway in his brand new, completely stock 2014 Subaru WRX. I wasn’t aware at the time, but that WRX would be transformed into one of my favorite GV chassis on the East coast.

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Prior to this day, and when I first met Chris, he owned a first gen 240sx that he bought for just $800 some 7 or 8 years ago. You could just tell Chris had a real love for this car. Somewhere along the way, three engine swaps and a transmission swap made their way into the S13 chassis. He knew the car inside and out, it was his baby… and it got totaled.

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I would at least like to tell you it happened due to a gnarly drift accident, but unfortunately Chris’ Nissan met it’s demise when it was plowed into by a distracted teenager at a red light. Chris now found himself stuck driving his winter purposed Mercury Mariner full time.

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Fast forward a few months and one of Chris’ friends was in the market for a new car, so they had hopped around to a few dealerships. “I wasn’t really looking for myself, but hey what the hell? I can at least test drive a few cars right?” said Chris. Chris says he’s always admired the third gen WRX from afar, but never took the time to get closely acquainted. Well once he drove it, he knew he had to get back into another fun car and three days later he went back and pulled the trigger.

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Splitting his time between running his restaurant, and building a completely renovated Hot Rositas food truck to take the show on the road, it’s a miracle Chris has had any time to work on the WRX. Somehow, be it evenings, weekends or the overnight shift… Chris has managed to put in the necessary time and work to get this WRX running and looking the way it does now.

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Chris started buying parts within the first 1000 miles and nearly 2 years later, he’s still going.

All show and no go just isn’t in Chris’ vocabulary. With a laundry list of components from the likes of Cobb, Grimmspeed, AEM and Perrin, the WRX dyno’d at 352 all-wheel horsepower and 393tq on E85. Chris’ creation can hang with the best of them and does it all at this static height.

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Lastly, Chris’ car sports something a little out of the norm for an AWD Subaru. A set of staggered (yes, staggered) Work Meisters adorns his arches. With a little math, Chris was able to choose tires that give him an identical 24.8 rolling diameter front to rear as to not stress his differentials.


All in all, Chris has turned an unfortunate situation into something exceptional and I for one can’t wait to see how the project progresses from here.



-Cobb Accessport V3
-e85 tune 350hp/389tq done by stephan clark @ IAPERFORMANCE
-Cobb SF intake
-Invidia catless downpipe
-Invidia q300 exhaust
-Grimmspeed up-pipe
-Grimmspeed 3 port electronic boost controller
-Grimmspeed Air Oil Speperator
-Tial 38mm external waste gate
-Perrin top mount intercooler
-Cobb 1000cc injectors
-DW 65 fuel pump
-TurboXS hybrid 50/50 BOV
-Kartboy short shifter with bushings
-AEM wideband gauge
-AEM oil pressure gauge
-SPT boost gauge
-Full LED interior lighting
-BC extreme low coilovers with camber plates
-20% window tint
-Custom painted headlight housing with halos (Circuit Demon)
-6k HIDs
-Yellow fog lights
-Grimmspeed front plate relocater
-NRG Steering wheel
-NRG Hub adapter
-Urethane Lip kit
-Work Meister SP1 (18×10 et30 18×9 et22) Candy Bronze Lips, Satin Bronze Centers, 24k hardware

Future Plans:
-Country Lab wing
-Full cage
-New seats
-Airlift Suspension


Words and Photos by Jason Paul (@duwerke)

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