Double that 964 love

When asked what my favourite moment was, being a part of the family, many came to mind and I mean lots. But picking out just one moment that is special and possibly a moment that I’ll never forget, was quite an easy decision for me to make. That moment in question, has to be when I shot both Max and Paul’s Porsche 964’s at a hidden location down in Ocean City, whilst H20i was at large.


Why did I choose to highlight this moment in particular? Well, for many reasons but mainly, the Porsche 964 is my dream car. For myself, to shoot a 964 would be an amazing experience in itself, but to shoot two at the same time was something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Yes, there may be occasions in the future where I do get to shoot more Porsches, specifically 930’s and 964’s which I absolutely adore, but it was special to me because at that moment in time, whilst in America, I continued to perfect and craft my skill of photography.


Max and Jason are two awesome guys who share the same big passion for cars, that we all do, but they’re both rocking the Porsche world, which not a lot of people do in the automotive scene we revolve around. Props to them for being different and following their own individual interests, it’s a fresh of breath air to see something new on the roads.


Flying out to the states for H20i is a big trip, just for a car show, but making the pilgrimage to Cincinnati, then driving twelve hours down to Ocean City, Maryland and then to be fortunate enough to shoot these amazing cars, to me is a huge deal. It’s kinda like a once in a lifetime situation. What other time will I be able to shoot two American 964’s together, in the Summer, surrounded by my close friends? That’s right, you just really don’t know.


Ok, so the weather ended up being quite overcast but hey, the shoot went down perfectly and it literally made my day. One of my favourite moments for sure!

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