Doin’ Donuts – Scottie’s 335i


More often than not, seeing a twenty year old cruising around in a late model BMW can tend to stir up a little animosity amongst those who were still driving grandma’s hand-me-down at that age. Probably even more so if that BMW looked anything like the one featured on this page. If I was to tell you that the owner of this BMW 335i was only twenty, you might jump to conclusions about silver spoons, rich parents and a lack of work ethic. Thank god at we don’t judge books by their covers, because for owner Scottie Sayasith, these stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth.

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I guess to fully understand Scottie, you’d have to know where he comes from. His Thai and Laotian parents came to America over thirty years ago with dreams of a better life. This is obviously something Scottie doesn’t take for granted, as he is a bona fide workaholic. He started work at Dunkin’ Donuts in Rochester, NY at only fourteen years old and six years later he is still doing just that… to the tune of six days and about sixty hours weekly! Scottie says “It’s worth it. I plan on opening up my own store in the near future. That’s why I have that I <3 DDs sticker on the back”. For those of you who thought that sticker meant something else, get your mind out of the gutter! DSC_0045-Edit

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Scottie has always loved cars for about as long as he can remember. When he decided to start looking around for a new car, he knew it had to be something luxurious with plenty of performance. The e92 335i with its direct injected twin- turbocharged straight-6 seemed to fit all his wants and needs perfectly. “I never thought about owning a BMW but after doing a lot of research on the 335i, I had to get it.” says Scottie. After his mind was made up, the fun started almost immediately. Not unlike many of us, he began sourcing parts before he even found the right car for sale! For Scottie, finding this particular car didn’t come without effort. “I was really picky about what I wanted in the car such as the black interior and exterior color, two door, manual transmission, fully loaded and it had to have low miles” he says. Of course all this had to fit into his budget as well. He finally sourced the right car 1,200 miles away in Florida. After buying it sight unseen, Scottie had to wait nearly three weeks for the whole shipment process before he could actually drive it for the first time.

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Scottie tells us that upon arrival, he got right down to business with a full professional detail and paint correction. Next up was applying the mods he had started acquiring months before. Scottie stated, “I basically had everything for the car that I knew I’d want right away… all the suspension components, wheels, some exterior mods, some bolt ons and a tune.” The Work Wheels VS-XX are his all time favorite wheel, and this particular set he re-lipped to 19×9 and 19×11.5. Paired with custom BC Racing coilovers and Megan camber and Toe kits, Scottie’s vision started to become reality. With a drastic fender massage in the rear and negative 4.5 degrees of camber, he was able to pull off this aggressive setup flawlessly. To further enhance the car’s outward appearance, he fitted the e92 with LUX V4 angel eyes, an OEM Aero front lip spoiler, a carbon fiber rear decklid spoiler and matching roundels. With its OEM Navigation and Logic 7 sound system, little was needed in terms of interior enhancements so he proceeded to the N54 power plant. Although the car was fun out of the box, Scottie found room for improvement via a JB4 G5 tune. To help breathing duties, a BMS intake system was added along with Active Autowerke downpipes mated to custom straight pipes for that proper Bavarian growl.

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Some might say the car is perfect as it sits, but Scottie has plans for possibly doing a one off wide- body that will continue the flow of the OEM body lines, but allow him to run even wider wheels. As far as future plans, he wouldn’t give up too much more, but said he’s got some ideas up his sleeve. With what he’s already accomplished in his 7 months of ownership, I for one am excited to see what’s next. Last but not least remember, next time you see a twenty year old in a BMW, don’t assume he didn’t stack those donuts himself.


Owner: Scottie Sayasith (@scottie_sayasith)

Words and Photos by: Jean Paul Jean Paul (@duwerke)

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