Creme de la Coupe – Erik’s MkII Jetta

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When it comes to the older generation of Volkswagen there are a few examples we have all come to recognize and admire. You’ve all seen Erik’s MkII Jetta coupe before, it’s one of those that stand out. Here at we like to feature not just the occasional nice car but the people behind those cars. Erik is the epitome of what we’re about here. #friendsnotfame.

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Erik has been tinkering with the MkII for over six years now. After a total loss on his prior Volkswagen he picked up the ’91 Jetta GL from a family friend. The car had been all but given up on and sitting for a long time with some issues. Muller saw this as an opportunity, made a deal, and picked up his MkII.

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The best projects progress over time. Like stated before, Erik has had the coupe for six years but the plan took some time to come together.

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“I’ve always wanted a good project MkII but the car took form slowly over years till I knew what I really wanted to do to it.”

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As we all know, the hunt for the perfect wheel can be a never ending search. Erik’s been searching for those perfect wheels for awhile now. Like most of us he’s not sure which route to go when it comes to the wheels.

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Then this set of widened Corrado steelies became available in his local area and he jumped on them! Within 24 hours they were being stripped and powder coated. Erik doesn’t plan on staying on these wheels for long but would only tease on what he has his sights set on.

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Mod List:
Stock 16v 2.0
Digi 2 w/ BBM fuelrail

Patec coilovers

MkII GLI recaros
280mm Momo steering wheel

Tectonics race headers, piping to a borla

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I asked Erik if he had a favorite story involving the car in the time he owned it, this is one I had to share:

“I was pulled over by a NY State Trooper here in town. He was going to slap me for a few things… but before he could do so, another officer pulled up next to him and told him to let me go. He then pulled next to me and explained why. He told me he really liked my car, it’s very clean and well taken care of. And that I seem like a very respectful guy and not some ricer… haha. He then went on to tell me his first project car was an ’83 GTI.”

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I know I speak for all of us here at when I say we’re all very excited to see what Erik’s got in store for the future!

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See you in a few weeks buddy! :beer: 



Photos: Chadwick Kreiling (@chaddwickkk)

Words: Dave Dorsey (@dorseydave)

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