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I would say that almost every car guy has started his love for cars the same way: from just being around them since day one. This love is bred into us/passed down from generation to generation. I remember the times my father let me sit in his lap and steer his truck down the street to grandma’s. If I was lucky I was even able to shift a gear or two.


Brandon began his love for cars just like the rest of us, from day one. He’s been around them before he could walk or talk. Brandon was pushed around the drag strip in his stroller. His father used to work at an old school engine shop. The sights, sounds, and smells have stuck with him to this day.

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The love for cars, or anything with an engine perhaps, is something that is hardwired into us. Whether it be a car, truck, or motorcycle, we all share the same passion for making a vehicle our own. Purpose built or show built, we all share the same passion for making a car ours. It is an expression of ourselves.

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Brandon is a prime example of a car guy who respects others’ builds no matter the make, model or modifications. The way it should be. He’s a genuine car guy. In Brandon’s words, “All cars have their own characteristics. Some rough with a monster engine or some with a sleek and shaved body with a modest engine set up. Everyone’s car is identified by their owners and they all shared the same love.”


I asked him how he got involved with the Euro community and got into his Mk4. Brandon said “something about the Euro style – the shaved bodies, high horsepower turbo setups, wide wheels, and flawless paint sparked his interest. He was hooked.”


The Mk4 platform, in particular, drew Brandon in solely on its body lines. The way the headlights fit the front end and how the rest of the body flowed back to the pulled look on the rear fenders just spoke to him.


He began endless research, and after each order of parts his passion snowballed into more than he could have ever imagined. Working on his car, whether installing his air ride or keeping the car detailed, he learned many new tips and tricks. Brandon says he’s never satisfied with it, but when he sees people respond well to it, it makes him step back and be thankful. His car means the world to him because of the people it attracts and how they appreciate it.

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Brandon would like to extend a special thanks to: Justin (@modified666) and all of Tomas Sport tuning (@tomassporttuning) for always keeping my car running strong and staying ahead of any problems. As well as getting me in and out easily. Joe and Alan of @Fittedtho for always supporting me and keeping me motivated. Will at Bagriders and all of Bagriders for always making sure I have what I need and in a timely manner. Pat at Stickershark, Oli @ Supermade, Zeb Harris, Mike Barry, Ben Peterson, Jeff (@swirlfree), Joey Ruffolo, Marc Rizzo, Mason Gavin, Antoine Goode, and anyone else who has backed me or helped me out in any way. I appreciate it more than words.

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BMC CDA Intake
5/8 Inch EuroImageTuning Motor mount spacers
EuroImageTuning Power Steering billet cover
Magnaflow Race Spec Muffler 2.5 Catback

Grip Royal Sleek
NRG Quick Release an Thin Hub
OEM R Line Shift Knob
Center Console Swap to Newer Style
Audi TT Pedals
SEAT Headlight Switch
Jetta Vent Conversion
C Pillar Bar
W8 Overhead Console
Blitz Ipod converter

Custom Shaved Front Bumper
OG Votex Valance
20th Side Skirts
OEM Hid headlights
Shaved Side Markers
Stubby Mirrors
Custom All red tail lights
Stubby Antenna
Glass wiper delete
Rear Shaved Hatch
Bonrath Badgeless Grill

AirLift XLs
Trimmed Dorbitz Designs D cup brackets
Slam Speicialites RE-5 Bags
Accuair Switch Speed
Dual 400cc Viair Compressors
Notched Driver side an Passenger Side Frame Rails
Subframe Shaved
Tie Rod Notch

OZ Futura

Words by Chadwick Kreiling (@Chaddwickkk)

Photos by Courtney Cutchen (@misscourtneymae)

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