Clean and Simple – R32 feature


“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”


Meet Brandon: like a lot of us, he’s been into Volkswagens since he could remember and couldn’t imagine life without being behind the wheel of one. “Ive been into Volkswagens since I was about 12. That’s when I heard my first vr6 and I’ve been hooked ever since.” That VR sound that has hooked us all played its magical spell on Brandon too! After talking to Brandon for just a short time its easy to tell that he’s the kind of guy you want to hangout with at SoWo or H2Oi. We’re happy he has joined the movement and becamepart of the familia. Like his car, Brandon likes to keep things simple, that applies to his cars too. That OEM+ style that we all love and respect is exactly what Brandon strives for! His R32 is a prime example of that style done right!!


CCW LM5T’s help complete the look


Brandon’s mod list may not be the longest, but he’s a simple kind of guy and that’s the way he likes his car.

Mod List
– Unitronic chipped
– K&N drop In filter
– Polished j caps

– Sony In dash DVD
– Oem monster mats

Wheels and Suspension
– CCW lm5ts (18×9.5/10.5)
– Air lift slam series fronts
– Universal air rears
– V2 mangement

Gotta love that stance!


Brandon’s R32 looks fantastic! The way those brushed faced CCW’s look against the silver compliment one another perfectly. The modifications that Brandon chose for this car may be simple but they’re extremely effective in making his Mk4 R as pleasing to the eye as it is to drive.


Driving this beautiful R would make us smile too!

Words by Dave Dorsey @dorseydave

Photos by Eric Dowd @ericdowdphoto

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