Behind the Scenes : Show Prepping – Vol 2

You could say things are pretty busy, for all of my car friends of course, prepping for the year’s worth of shows and events – It’s an exciting time to say the least.

I guess the closest I come to any sort of ‘prepping’ is making sure the MK5 Jetta is legal and actually running. I feel that my car has had it’s day now, and when I say that, I mean it’s primary job is to be driven as a ‘daily’ now – No fancy wheels or fitment for me. Out of the game for the moment, oh gawd!


So who do I have the pleasure of documenting this time round, for Volume 2… Of course it had to be Rob, who we previously featured with his stunning Audi RS4.

The weather was playing ball for once, after weeks of terrible rain and dull skies, so I decided to drop round to Rob’s and find out what has been going on lately with his projects. He’s a very proactive guy who’s always doing something car related. Always working on something and always has a project or idea in progress – A kind of guy that, without realising, makes you excited to see the unveiling of his latest creations.


Guess what was tucked away that he’d just got back from being restored? His beloved Classic Mini in genuine British Racing Green, what a colour! Yes, this is totally off the ‘VAG’ topic, but it’s all about preparation within the car community and this really is something extra special.

Before ownership, this particular Mini lived in Japan and for quite a unique reason too. Years ago, there used to be a factory situated in Japan that built these little cars and sold them directly to the Japanese automotive market – Did you know that? It was then quite recently shipped over to the UK, where a specialist Classic Mini dealer looked after it.


As you can see below, it features the same Hand Control system that all of his cars have, because it’s an automatic – Perfect. It’s a 1999 Mark4 1.3L mL Automatic, which unusually came with air conditioning and what I can only assume was an factory optional extra. It was completely stripped back to it’s shell and rebuilt from the ground up, including a full engine and gearbox rebuild. The interior is brand new and I think Black leather goes perfectly with the exterior colour.


Although this thing is immaculate, there are things still to be finished, like adding rear arch protectors to prevent stone chips – The Cooper S arches/fenders really stick out, so it’s a must. We took it out of the garage for a spot of Winter sunbathing, which will be one of the last times it will be outside for quite a while. It’s currently in hibernation until Spring/Summer, then hopefully you may find this awesome thing burbling past you down the road.

DSC_5357 DSC_5338

The S3 on the other hand, will be undergoing changes very soon, in time for the first show. Already, it has the looks and the power, which most people would be completely happy with… but not Rob. He’s got some pretty nice updates for everyone to see, soon enough.

DSC_5335 DSC_5340 DSC_5364 DSC_5360

I bet you’re wondering where the Lupo GTI is right? Well never fear, I’ll get onto that in due course…

So myself and Luke got the word from Lepson’s that his wheels were ready for collection. Even though they’re not my wheels anymore, I was super excited to see how they turned out. Luke picked me up again and we headed back down there.


They turned out perfect. Finish and quality were absolutely spot on, big shout out to the guys down there for a great service and also to Simon at Show&Glow for the hookup! You can check these lovely 0.06’s out for yourself at the show.


This Lupo GTI, where the hell is it? Well, it was recently dropped off for some much needed love, by the awesome guys down at Legend Vehicle Specialists. The gorgeous little thing hasn’t seen any action since the last show of 2013, which was Show&Glow, and has since just been sitting around feeling sorry for itself I guess. Rob and Harry, the two brothers and owners of this thing thought it was about time they got their plans rolling and in action.


Even though I know exactly what’s going on, I’ve sworn to secrecy and that shall remain, but Ultimate Dubs is the place where everyone’s unveiling will happen. Exciting times ahead! I’ve also booked and paid for both my hotel and ticket now, so everything is ready on my end.


One thing that’s on my list of ‘things to do’ in true ‘show prepping’ style, is to buy a new flash for my Nikon. I’ll be on the hunt for one very soon…


Legend had one impressive project covered up, at the back of their workshop. A genuine Ford Escort Cosworth in a lovely metallic Silver/Purple/Lilac colour, sporting 500bhp+ and just screamed ‘I’m one absolute animal’.

DSC_5396 DSC_5395

There is a new and rare set of gorgeous split wheels being specially built for a particular project, which will be showing off its new features at the show. I wonder who’s car they will be going on hey?


Steve being Steve, swapping wheels around before the heavens opened and it went from lovely sunny skies, to a downpour. I did however swap my camera for a big umbrella, to help keep him dry whilst slaving away with the low cars.


That pretty much wraps up Volume 2 so far! I hope you’re all enjoying this exclusive behind the scenes style documentation, because the aim is to show what people in the automotive scene are actually doing before car events and shows. Usually, you would just see finished projects and cars either on Instagram, Facebook or even in person at the show, so this is a great way of keeping you in the loop with ongoing progress and social circles.

Keep a look out for Volume 3 which will be dropping soon…

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