Behind the Scenes : Show Prepping – Vol 1

It gets to the last show of the year and everyone gives a big sigh of relief, knowing they can actually relax for a little while, but before you know it, preparation already needs to be made for next year’s season, jammed pack full of events. Damn, well all of that ‘relaxing’ finished suddenly hey? That hard graft begins… well, yesterday!

I take a look into the lives of some of my close friends within the close-knit car community, here in the South of England, to see what’s going down. Here is Volume 1 of ‘Show Prepping’, the first of many ‘Behind the Scenes’ features, focusing on giving you an insight into what is/isn’t going to plan – what struggles are currently ongoing and what obstacles have been overcome, or are getting in the way of that end goal.


One of my best friends, Luke, has only been around in the VW scene for a year or so now (You could say I exposed him to this life), but he is more than getting his teeth stuck in with his Black MK5 GTI. He actually bought the 3SDM 0.06 wheels from me, that I rocked on my MK5 Jetta for a while. In my eyes, I’d much rather throw something in my friend’s direction than a stranger, depending on what that is of course. Community, is a word that came to mind just then…

So he picked me up and we headed down to a place called Lepson’s, who specialise in wheel refurbishment and are known for their extremely high quality services and finishes. Things were already looking good as soon as we got there.


One of the guys who worked there stuck around with us while we were looking at their vast range of samples hanging up on the wall. Quite nice of him really, had a good conversation about processes and finishes.


After a while of deciding what to do with the 0.06’s, we both felt drawn towards a specific colour/finish and what I can say, is that it’s going to look awesome.


Quotes were spoken, details were mentioned and minds were set, we decided to head home after a pretty successful trip. But, on the way back, I spotted this super rare Type 3 Squareback just sitting by the side of the road. It looked so out of place, like it really wasn’t supposed to be parked right on top of a bus stop – it stood out like a sore thumb. Naturally, I told Luke to park up so I could get some cool shots of it. Couldn’t risk assuming it will still be there another time…

DSC_5071 DSC_5057

Not every day you randomly come across something like this hey? Regarding Luke’s MK5, it will be ready for Ultimate Dubs and he will be my chauffeur for the weekend, love it! Steve threw me a text to say that himself and Kat were doing some ‘car stuff’ so I thought I’d head round to see what all the fuss was about. Steve and Kat are two good friends of mine, pretty local too which is cool. Steve owns an amazing MK6 GTI and Kat owns a very unique and sweet looking MK5 GT.

DSC_5123 DSC_5136

Whilst they both got on with their ‘list of things to do’, I thought I’d hang around and take some photos, catch up and generally have a laugh at the same time. It’s a standard thing to do when you’re with friends right? Anyway, I don’t want to give away their plans here yet, because that’s what Ultimate Dubs is for, unveiling their hard work and graft.


We were round their friend’s place, doing some work on the cars, when I looked into the garage and saw this hiding amongst a lot of, well… stuff! A MK1 Ford Escort.

DSC_5164 DSC_5176

Look at this little guy! I personally love French Bulldogs, they’re so cool. Sorry, not sorry. Oh and Kat is just being her funny little self.


I’m really excited to see how Steve and Kat’s builds progress over the coming weeks, as we approach the first show very quickly!


I drove down to see Simon, the guy behind Show&Glow, a VAG event here in Kent, south of England, UK. I guess he will mostly be known for the MK4 Ute Pickup dubbed ‘V5 UTE’, in a Blue glitter wrap with Fifteen52 Tarmac’s? If you haven’t seen it, hunt it down on the Internet already… Well anyway, he always has something interesting going on so I ventured along for a catch up and to see what he was doing in terms of prepping.


Simon was in the middle of smoothing his engine bay on the MK2, which by the looks of it, was quite the job, especially with the deadline drawing closer every day. He was grinding away at metal tabs which won’t be needed soon, going for the very minimal look. Yes, sparks were flying and I can’t wait to see it finished!

DSC_5206 DSC_5244

The whole place felt like a big treasure chest, with split wheels laying around waiting to be used and plenty of parts ready to be fitted back in/on to the cars.


I had a look at what was in the spray booth and there was a MK1 getting ready for paint, just another project car being worked on. Strong work.

DSC_5247 DSC_5282

All in all, lots of

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hard work and effort are being injected into people’s pride and joys, all over the country right now. With the big show coming up very soon in March, it will be interesting to see how well everyone has done to get their projects finished and if they ticked off every item on their list. Whilst 6 weeks isn’t long at all, for myself bringing you a ‘behind the scenes’ collection of insights into show prepping, I have lots of time to document it all.

Volume 2 is coming soon, expect to see even more…

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