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I’m pretty sure that I speak for the vast majority, when the two words ‘Aston Martin’ are mentioned, most people envision a new and technically advanced car. I guess I was one of those in the past, but with age comes an ever growing respect for automotive’s past. Those classic and sought after cars are becoming more and more of a rarity these days. As time passes, the less you see these stunning pieces of engineering on our roads. It’s a great shame because there will become a time where only a handful of true classics will be in existence. Think along the lines of dinosaurs, their time came and is still coming.


I was contacted by Jez at Ultimate Finish, which is located within the iconic grounds of Brands Hatch race track here in Kent. He told me that their client’s Aston Martin DB6 was coming in for a full paintwork correction. Obviously I headed over there pretty sharpish as soon as it had been delivered. Ultimate Finish required step-by-step photos over the course of the process, capturing and documenting the many different stages in which this lovely car would go through. As soon as I laid eyes on the thing, I instantly fell in love. British engineering at it’s best.


This model is a 1970 Aston Martin DB6 Volante MKII. They are still manufacturing cars today under the ‘Volante’ name, keeping the convertible models alive. I think that’s awesome because it shows that Aston Martin is indeed keeping in touch with it’s original roots, a very humbling idea which I like the sound of.

This model in particular is only 1 of 38 ever made, making it an extremely special work of art.


Guess how many miles are on this beautiful thing? 2,000 is the magic number, as it was fully rebuilt by Aston Martin Works, who specialise in bringing past models back to life. Better yet, have a wild guess at how much this very DB6 was purchased for? You’ll need to sit down for this one… £1,000,000. Yes, that’s the correct amount of zeros in the price tag, a hefty sum to be a part of the prestigious history linked to David Brown.


The DB6 evolved from the previous DB4 and DB5 models, and was actually launched at the London Motor Show in October 1965. Then in August 1969, a revised MKII version of the DB6 was launched with subtle flares to the wheel arches (fenders) and wider tyres.

It was a very fashionable car in it’s time and I guess it still is. Some famous owners include HRH Prince Charles, Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger.


The Aston was delivered in a pretty sorry state, paintwork wise, and needed some serious attention. It was examined and then thoroughly washed and cleaned before the initial preparation could start.


The engine was degreased and cleaned before any bodily work was carried out. I noticed something quite unique and that was the engine was positioned so it was pointing up at an angle, ever so slightly. Something you wouldn’t notice if you didn’t visually study the car for some length of time. Hidden touches of character.

DSC_4133-Web DSC_4147-Web DSC_4149-Web

The Aston’s straight six engine was finished with and so work could commence on bringing back that paint to it’s former glory.


Obviously the swirl marks were very bad but you could clearly see the lovely metallic paint trying to force it’s way through the marks and damage. In some angles the colour changed to a very nice purple, which compliments the primary colour of this Aston which is an amazing mix of Blue and Aqua.

DSC_4193-Web DSC_4298-Web DSC_4242-Web DSC_4439-Web DSC_4497-Web DSC_4172-Web

A lot of hard work was put into this project, taking this DB6 back to the quality car it was, and should be. This paintwork is insane. The metallic flake has a kind of mesmerising hold over you, it gets you looking deep into the depth of paint which feels like a never ending sea of Blue.

The paint is very flat too, compared to your modern paint finish straight out of the factory, with an almost rippled effect throughout.

DSC_4549-Web DSC_4054-Web DSC_4544-Web DSC_4560-Web

Well here it is, sitting there in all it’s prime, in front of the Paddock entrance gates to Brands Hatch. Let’s face it, this thing would break necks all day long, no matter where it went.

DSC_4594-Web DSC_4601-Web

And so the sun continued to set whilst the precious DB6 was tucked away back into storage, with the paintwork being carefully and lightly protected from any elements.


I feel extremely privileged to have had the chance to get up close and personal with this amazing car. I mean, yes you may be lucky enough to get to witness a DB6 Volante somewhere else, maybe on the other side of the planet, but none of the other 37 will come close to what this one is, and what love and attention it has been given.

Rumor has it, that a DB5 will be receiving the same treatment – the popular and iconic model featured in James Bond – so at some point very soon, expect to see both DB5 and DB6 on the Brands Hatch track. An exclusive feature for, but for now, what an experience and opportunity to capture amazing history in the modern day…

Words & Photography – Mark O’Donoghue
Instagram – @officially_made

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