Baby it’s Cold Outside: Water by the Bridge 2015

Disclaimer: This is going to be short and sweet, mostly pictures, but relevant.

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We all mull threw winter (whatever Florida/California), we recycle old pics from years  past on IG/Facebook, we begin our “builds” for the next year, and most importantly we wait for the next “season” to begin. There is always hype, some legit, some silly… But we all have the anticipation for “next year”.

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Water by the Bridge is that anticipation. Although still somewhat grassroots, the show itself has grown immensely over the past few years to something recognizable from coast to coast. For those in the Midwest it has become the official “put your summer wheels on” green-light. However this year Mother Nature laughed at us…. dropped temperatures into the low 30’s, and told us to crack a beer to stay warm. The turnout was amazing as always, great cars, great venue, and lastly great friends.

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Outside of the weather this year was very unique for…. More than anything we focused on the people around us. Granted we always preach this but lets be honest, there will always be the “center of attention” feel to a car show. This was our first “booth” with “booth cars” so cheers and thank you for that. Most importantly, it was about the friends both local and from afar, who we talked to all winter but have waited 6 months to see. Simply put, we can’t wait for SoWo to see you again.

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Until next year!

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