Amethyst in the Rough – Andrew’s Porsche Carrera

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“I figured it was a scam”. No excitement or overwhelming joy, but complete doubt and disbelief. These are the thoughts that immediately came to Andrew Farkas the first time he laid on eyes on this Porsche 964 via a Craigslist ad. Is Andrew that much of a cynic? Well… no. You see, having become the Internet darling of the decade, the 964 has become a somewhat tough to purchase commodity. In particular, manual C2 coupes have come to fetch some pretty exorbitant prices in the last few years and it’s only getting worse for those on the hunt. “I had always wanted a Porsche and never expected one to fall into my ownership quite like this. I always browsed classifieds dreaming of owning one, but the prices were always seemingly so out of reach for me” said Andrew.

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At 28 years old, Andrew has already had a ton of noteworthy cars. Alongside his father and brother, he has had his hands in a number of “restore to flip” projects. With his job as an IT:Network Analyst, Farkas is only required to work three 12-hour shifts per week. Andrew tells me that this leaves him with a lot of extra time to find ways to make money (which usually involves helping people with their cars, or fixing up projects to re-sell). In addition to his flips, Andrew had been adorned with the name FarkleFitment in relation to his knack for spot on suspension and wheel setups on his own cars over the years. If you’ve come across his name before now, it was probably because of his 11 year Toyota AE86 project or the numerous MK3 Volkswagen GTIs he can be credited with building. So what would make a man abruptly sell everything in a bittersweet moment of weakness? Only finding the right Porsche 911 of course.


Luckily enough for Andrew, the 1991 Amethyst Carrera 2 showcased in that “scam” Craiglist ad was local to him. With his guard up, he decided to give the seller a call, despite the let down he was expecting. By now I’m sure you’ve guessed that what he was met with was anything but what he expected.


“The guy was a retired Air Force vet that bought the car from his son-in-law and simply never drove it anymore. He just wanted back what he had into it.” Farkas tells me. The very next day Andrew was in the man’s driveway going over the car and checking out the paperwork. After scouring the Internet for a couple years, Andrew had finally found his 911. The exchange was made the same day. “I knew that if I hesitated to buy the car, it would have been gone within a matter of minutes” said Farkas. He was probably right.

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When he bought the car at the end of the 2013 show season, he knew he’d have some time to sell off the last of his remaining cars in lieu of a hoarding some Porsche parts over the long Ohio Winter. As soon as he freed up some cash, his fingers were quick to dial Brian at Rotiform who set him up with some custom AH exclusive H&R “deep” coilovers. “I knew I wanted BBS E26s” Andrew stated. Naturally, he also worked out a deal on a custom built set of those before hanging up with Brian. With most owners opting for 18’s, Andrew ventured down the road less traveled and chose a 17” variant for his car. “I’ve always favored smaller wheels, even on my old Mk3s. Most people would run 16s and I was always running 15s.” Unfortunately after only running them a short while and numerous problems with the BBS motorsport components being too fragile for the public roads, they were retired.

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Although a little heartbroken, Andrew decided to push the limits even further. “I hadn’t heard of anyone running 11″ wide wheels on a narrow body Porsche, and I was determined to do so.” says Farkas. This time around he ordered 17×9 et35 and 17×11 et20 Rotiform VCE-Ts. With factory equipment a mere 8” wide with offsets in the mid 50’s, a purchase of this nature might have landed a lesser man into a room with padded walls. Mr. FarkleFitment won’t be giving away his secrets anytime soon, but he did want to offer up the following public services announcement: “It was a LOT of work to make them fit… custom parts had to be made. If someone wants to copy my specs, lolz will be had. Good luck!”

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Looking past the hurdles mentioned above, Andrew isn’t one to neglect any aspect that needs attention. One such area was a twenty three year old linen grey interior (off white) that had definitely seen better days. At 111k miles, the poor leather seats were in mandatory need of refinish or replacement. Andrew opted for a handsome set of Recaro Pole Positions with linen gray suede inserts. With the seats already out, Andrew bolted in a DAS Half Cage complete with mounted fire extinguisher to put out the flames on the Porsche-purist forums. Lastly, he bolted up a 320mm Momo Monte Carlo steering wheel to replace the “airbag with it’s own zip code” that is the 964 factory wheel.


Custom audio comes from in the from of a modified airbox and primary muffler bypass pipe. This ensures Andrew can hear every note that the naturally aspirated flat-6 sings as he cruises around Columbus. An Accell Racing 93 octane tuning chip from the UK brings some additional spunk to what is already a riot on wheels. As for what the future holds, Andrew tells me that he may swap out the cams and add individual throttle bodies if the money becomes available. “I really don’t even know where to go with the car next.” Farkas says. “It could maybe use a respray since the paint is starting to show it’s age, but then again, I like to use the car and the last thing I want to worry about is preserving my new paint job. I really just want to keep the car maintained and up to date with records and enjoy it how it is. Personally, I have always believed less is more, and I think that shows with this as well as my previous cars.”

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Owner: Andrew Farkas (@farklefitment)

Words: Jason Paul (@duwerke)

Photos: Nathan Hale (@ninohale)

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