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When we started Condukt.co in late 2012 it was more about having fun than anything else. We were all just really getting into the car scene and we wanted something to call our own. As we looked a little deeper we started to notice a trend. Social media was warping the car scene we all loved and had started to become more about “look at me” rather than friendship, camaraderie, and loyalty. This is where Condukt.co really formed. Dave and myself were just becoming good friends, Chad was trying to Photoshop anything and everything with four wheels for “Shrink all the Cars”, and Mark was merely a friend from across the pond (love ya bro). We decided if we were going to really make Condukt.co a “thing” that we were going to focus on keeping it real and do our best to highlight anyone who stood for the same core values we did!

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Fast forward some 18 or so months to late this last summer. I got a random message from someone I mainly knew as “BLKSUNSHINE” (via his VWVortex Days and EE Militia).  What I didn’t know was that I had just met a friend, someone who is the epitome of everything Condukt stands for. Kevin reached out with an idea, he wanted to work together in organizing a get together at H2Oi. A collaboration between his company, Underwraps Automotive, and little ole Condukt.co. After literally spending over an hour on the phone with someone I had never spoken to, I was all in. The thing is, there is much more to Kevin’s story than his insane Porsche and his quickly growing company…. He and I share one very real thing in common, we both lost our fathers to cancer. Kevin’s entire drive behind the Condukt x Underwraps GTG was in raising money for the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.

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While I don’t want to get all sappy, the focus here isn’t in the car but more importantly what it stands for. Kevin and his father had always wanted to create the ultimate build. They wanted to go all out on a platform few would even dare to think of tackling. Kevin’s 981 Porsche Cayman wasn’t built to turn heads, grab attention, or impress the masses (although it effortlessly does all three). His 981 is for his dad, it’s that simple.

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The concept itself was formed on a piece of paper on the fridge. Kevin and his father began toying with the idea in 2013 as his dad battled pancreatic cancer. They had kicked around the idea that if Underwraps ever really took off they would build a Porsche. After discussing the idea over a handful of weeks the idea was put to paper, that same paper hanging by a magnet on the fridge. Whenever one had an idea they added it to the paper. As excitement grew, Kevin and his father began to bond over the idea of this build. At the time there were more pressing things at hand and this Porsche was merely a pipe dream. Long story short, Kevin took the money he had been saving for a house and decided this concept took precedence.

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Let me stress that there is not a single shortcut on this car. Every adjustment and modification was done with precision. I mean really, who decides to remove a Cayman suspension that has less than 300 miles on it only to create a one of a kind air ride set up on an $75,000 car? Who even bags a Cayman, let alone one that is brand new? Again, this only goes to speak for the dedication Kevin has. In making this even more impressive, the build was started as Kevin left a successful career to take the leap in starting his own company, Underwraps Automotive.

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“This car really means something to me personally. I think that when you build something that you dreamed about with someone you lost your main focus or dilemma is making sure that you don’t cut corners. You spend the time and energy or even wait until you accomplish exactly what you set out to do.”

– Kevin Janovsky

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The car itself only sat stock for one month. Kevin trailered the car from Connecticut ensuring it would arrive home in nothing but mint condition. Seriously, just step back and take a moment to take in what you are looking at. This build is one of a kind and based upon an idea that was created through one of life’s toughest struggles. A partnership was formed at H2Oi, one that won’t be forgotten and one we hope to only build upon.

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All in all our Condukt X Underwraps get together raised thousands of dollars for The Lustgarten Foundation. We wanted to take a minute and simply thank every single person that made the effort to come out. Needless to say it was the highlight of our week in Ocean City. Both Kevin and ourselves were shocked with the impressive turnout. We plan on putting something similar together come May at SoWo, so please keep an eye out!

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We also wanted to thank Kevin directly. His hard work and dedication to his passion is honestly unmatched. If you are in the market for air ride all we ask is reach out to Underwraps Automotive. You wont be disappointed!

Build Details:

2014 Porsche Cayman (PDK)

20×8.5 /20×11 Rotiform LHR with 2/3″ lips anodized blood red with black barrels and chrome hardware

ZERO CAMBER (as required due to the specific suspension)

True titanium lug  bolts via Tikore

Fully custom HP Drivetech struts with Airlift Performance air ride suspension/management (special thanks to Airlift and HP Drivetech)

Full Borla exhaust

IDP Plenum throttle body

Fanspeed headers

Techart rear race wing

Custom BGB Motorsport cage and harness

Custom ebroidered armrest

Silver anodized Porsche badging


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Underwraps Automotive is based out of Long Island, New York and is an authorized Airlift and Rotiform dealer (amongst many others)

Phone (631) 241-0045 / www.underwrapsautomotive.com

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Words and photos by Nathan Hale (@ninohale)

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